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Gabriel Black | King Of The Nosebleeds

Anthemic singer, Gabriel Black, has returned from his cabin in the mountains with his own brand of genre bending folk-alt-pop with his new single 'King Of The Nosebleeds'.


Describing his sound as a mashup between Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' and your favourite Nirvana song, some may know Gabriel Black as a wide-eyed cartoon, whereas others as a very complicated human, but nobody has heard Gabriel like this before.

Equipped with just an acoustic guitar, you can hear the emotion in his voice as sings about love, loneliness and the in-between whilst bearing his vulnerabilities on the Grammy award winning, Tyler Johnson produced track. Boasting a bedroom-pop sound with an almost pop-rock yet intimate vocal tone, delicate melodies and a lush soundscape, Gabe invites you to immerse yourself completely into his world in just under 3 minutes.

In the self-directed video for the song, armor clad Gabe, with his dog in tow, traverses from the desert to the snow capped mountains. We watch as our hero, a 'Napoleon Dynamite meets Don Quijote', dances across high school bleachers and stands atop a mountain overlooking his kingdom.

On the track Gabe shares,

'King of the Nosebleeds' is for the person who doesn't get invited to the parties. It’s for the outsider... It’s sad and slightly angry and very personal. It’s a love letter to the girl from another world, and at the same time, a love letter to myself to accept what I can’t change and embrace who I am."

Gabe first made a splash onto the scene back in 2018 with the release of his single 'sad boy', where his cartoon character identity was born. Since then, he has amassed praise from noteworthy tastemakers and influential publications. It wasn't until the release of his "dead yet" video from the help me, i'm flying EP (2019) where Gabriel revealed the artist behind the cartoon and marked the beginning of a new era. Accumulating over 21 million Spotify streams alone, as well as an international tour with Blackbear under his belt, he has successfully established himself as an artist who's vulnerabilities and honesty connects directly to his fan's hearts.

We are yet to know what the future holds, but this release says enough. Gabriel Black has returned and we're definitely curious about what is to come.

'King Of The Nosebleeds' is out now. Listen HERE @sbgabrielblack


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