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Gabriel Eli | Feelings

23-year-old Nashville, TN based singer, songwriter and producer Gabriel Eli has released his new track 'Feelings' - a summer-night ode to catching feelings, the fears and excitement that come after.


'Feelings' is a compelling track with dreamy production and lush synths that creates the most beautiful ambience and a euphonious sound. Featuring groovy basslines with light electronic beats to create atmosphere, Gabriel's raw and honest lyricism is universally relatable and resonates with listeners with his rich and smooth vocals easily comparable to the likes of LANY and Lauv.

Gabriels' lyrics focus a lot on feelings revolving around new relationships - the fun and excitement of not knowing what the future holds & trying to stay unafraid of falling in.

'Feelings' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @igabrieleli


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