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GALXARA | Loving Nobody

GALXARA has released her vulnerable new song 'Loving Nobody' accompanied by a self-shot music video.


'Loving Nobody' is the first of several upcoming releases from rising pop star GALXARA. During lockdown, we've seen releases from some wicked female solo artists and 'Loving Nobody' is no exception. Pop music at it's finest, polished production and powerful vocals. GALXARA wears her heart on her sleeve, and the vulnerable song is accompanied by an out of this world music video, self shot during quarantine, allowing her to fully express herself and the feelings conveyed in the track about the loneliness of being an artist.

She says:

“’Loving Nobody’ is one of the most honest, real & emotional songs I’ve ever written. All I know is I just want people to hear this song and not only experience, but welcome all the heartbreaking, raw and deep emotions like I did when I wrote it because it comes from a very real place in my heart. The ‘Loving Nobody’ music video was filmed entirely in my living room during quarantine. I did all my own styling, hair and makeup and it was very exciting & freeing to have the ability to control all aspects of the video.”

GALXARA kicked off 2020 with an electric appearance on the Birds Of Prey soundtrack alongside rapper Saweetie with the Latin-influenced track 'Sway With Me' and recently, GALXARA delivered a new take on the song with her own version of the track, streaming now along with its companion video.

'Sway With Me' followed her release of 'Jealous Of Myself'- a vulnerable track that addresses the many different sides of GALXARA. All of these tracks followed her compelling debut single 'Waste My Youth', co-written with Warren 'Oak" Fender and Michael Pollack, which seen her taking inspiration from such like minded visionaries as Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga, melding classic sounds with contemporary power.


Listen to 'Loving Nobody' HERE Instagram: @galxara


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