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Gaspar Sanz | On My Mind

Australia’s fruitful quartet Gaspar Sanz have dropped their new single ‘On My Mind’.


Written in 2019, the track is almost a prophecy of current events and is telling of the band’s ability to push the boundaries of modern song writing.  Hypersonic and cutting- edge, On My Mind gives us the feeling of having a BBQ on the beach with all our friends; the clinking of beer bottles and the smell of charred meat in the air. Frontman James Bell commented on the track, saying: 

"This song is about choice. The choice that you can rise up against the things in life that knock you down and use what holds you there as a power to motivate. A power to help others and yourself."

He added: 

"If we all were able to accept that we have a choice, to help and to get up and fight for what is right, people can find justice and truth within themselves." The single was mixed by the prolific Jacknife Lee (The Killers, Snow Patrol) and is Gaspar Sanz’s most distinguished work to date.


Listen to 'On My Mind' HERE Instagram: @gasparsanzband


Twitter: @ross_alister


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