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Gaspar Sanz | You Can Be Somebody To Love

As for many artists, 2020 hit Gaspar Sanz hard. Robbing the band of the ability to perform, they deliver into introspection and songwriting after the release of their 'Glass Window' EP, written before the world of social distancing and when live music became a thing of the past.


'You Can Be Somebody To Love' is the latest single from the 4-piece, and reflects the desire to hold onto the positivity that we has pre-pandemic. Lyrically, a turmoil of emotions are quickly turned to positivity, as James sings,

'Go and chase all the stars, let it go. You know you can be somebody to love."

James Bell says,

“We wanted to have fun with this track and focus on good vibes but also let people know that they have the choice to be the best versions of themselves. The world has changed so much and very quickly. And the majority of people are experiencing really hard and confusing times. Forced into isolation and fear with the state of the world. It’s human nature to seek control when we’re met by the unknown future to come.The only thing we can actually control is our emotions and the choices we make. Everyone has a choice to find happiness amongst the chaos. To start looking inward for answers to heal so we all can be examples. No one can take away who you are!”

The COVID restrictions created new challenges for the band, as the formerly Sydney-based outfit navigated half of them returning home to Perth to weather the storm. However, the ability to write cross-country turned out to be a beneficial skillset as the band engaged with legendary producer Jacknife Lee. Having previously worked with Jacknife on previous release 'On My Mind' as a mix engineer, the producer was so taken by both the band and their music that he offered to produce their next track.

Working across multiple time-zones and different hemispheres, the band brought a rough demo into a feel-good masterpiece. Multiple studio sessions in Sydney and Perth were organised, as the band virtually discussed the song evolution amongst themselves and with their LA-based producer.

'You Can Be Somebody To Love' is out now.

Listen HERE


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