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George Alice | Teenager

Showing no signs of slowing down, 2019 triple j unearthed winner George Alice truly delivers with her new single ‘Teenager’.


Written by George herself and mixed by Neal Pogue, 'Teenager' further showcases her songwriting chops crafting deeply personal lyrics against low-fi guitar based instrumentation. The track signals to the next phase of her career as she waves goodbye to her teenage years and begins to establish herself as the next great Aussie pop star.

The indie-pop anthem is a call to arms for the youth during such a turbulent time and flips the script, giving a voice to a disenfranchised generation and demands the world to pay attention. Teenagers will inherit the earth- it’s time to start listening to your future leaders.

On the track, George says,

“I wrote ‘Teenager’ with Maribelle right after I left high-school, I’d just finished a lot of international travel and was still really overwhelmed by the last year. Every line has a different meaning and was somehow relevant in my life, the main one being the sarcasm behind the phrase’ I’m just a fucking teenager”. I felt really underestimated in the music industry being so young, I know so many teenagers feel this way in the schooling system too, so I wanted to bring attention to it. I hope this song can be the making of more unique individuals and kids stepping out being who they are.”

For the accompanying video, George teemed up once again with director Zoee Marsh, who masterminded a COVID-safe socially distanced video for George's last single 'Stuck In A Bubble'. This time we see through a heighted sense of reality we dive into a ‘day in the life’ of a timeless teenager. We follow George as she tries to navigate the reality of most teenagers- being seen and heard but not listened to. All complimented with beautiful costume- colour and choreography.

About the video George says:

“For the music video I wanted to capture every aspect of high school life and bring attention to all the stupid, petty things we deal with on the daily. The disregard but vague attention they bring to mental health awareness, intimidating and corrupt teachers, creative and unique people being targeted and labelled as misfits when they are nothing but authentic. There’s a lot of blackholes in the schooling system that need to have light shed onto them so that’s what this video is doing.

Using references from Freaks and Geeks, and Perks of being a Wallflower we wanted a really nostalgic and powerful visual to match such an honest song.”

With a triple j Unearthed High-winning debut 'Circles' in her stride, 2020 has been a big year for the 17 year old artist. Signing a global deal with US label Loma Vista Recordings, George's singles have combined over 10 million global streams and landed coveted cover profiles on Spotify's Pop n' Fresh and The Local List.

'Teenager' is out now.


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