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George Holliday | Young & Free

Singer / songwriter George Holliday has released his track 'Young & Free' which is one of sixteen tracks that will feature on his upcoming album 'Made On The Road'.


'Young & Free' is an easy listening track which is both intricate and inviting. George Holliday's warm and simply effortless vocal is truly stunning, made stronger by his talent for songwriting and production. The build to the chorus makes you want to turn the track up and listen at full volume - it's the perfect road trip song if ever there was one.

The track, which was written on a bus across 5 countries with 5 musicians and is a unique collaboration between the borders of Europe. 'Young & Free' emanates optimistic feelings of freedom and adventure, bringing out the inner child in everyone who listens to it and encompasses the importance of togetherness, community and collaboration.

Starting in the summer of 2017, George purchased an old ex- library bus & quickly began a 9-month renovation project to transform it into something entirely unique.

In the summer of 2018, George officially moved into the bus & spent the rest of that year travelling around Europe. From here on out, George & the bus visited Croatia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria, Scotland & across England.


Listen to 'Young & Free' HERE Instagram: @georgejazzmanholliday


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