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Taking her highly-anticipated return with rousing indie-pop streaked with striking folk/ rock influences, Brisbane-based songstress Georgie Neilsen has released her new single ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’.


Georgie Neilsen brings her rich vocals and swaggering melodies to new single ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’, highlighting her sonic dynamism and powerful vulnerability. Starting soft, Georgie's honest vocal delivery already packs a punch, joined by groove-based guitar and delicate percussion tinged with a folksy rock colouring. Moving with effortless grace, her voice erupts in the chorus, which contains a melodic lyrical hook brimming with raw intensity. Emphasising the drama of the situation, choir-esque vocal harmonies prick the ears of Florence and the Machine fans as a vehement reverb-drenched electric guitar solo ramps the track up to its bittersweet emotional peak.

Derived from real experiences to express truth, purpose and vulnerability, ‘The Last Time I Felt Better’ was written about the dawning realisation that some things might not last forever, yet still refusing to fully accept this, as she explains.

“‘Last Time I Felt Better’ is about the emotions experienced when two people suddenly appear in each other’s lives and instantly fall into a euphoric romance fuelled by an addiction to that feeling. When the relationship quickly hits a fork in the road, there is a realisation that this flame might burn out and it consumes you with the desire to make that feeling last forever.”

Debuting in 2017 with single ‘What Do You Want?’, Georgie fronted the since disbanded Georgie & The Growing Pains, playing slots at renowned festivals including Sunlit Sounds, Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Hidden Lanes Festival and more. Recent years have seen the artist explore her talent for cabaret, finding success with her own cabaret productions selling out multiple shows at Women In Voice, Queensland Cabaret Festival, Girl & Guitar and most recently, Anywhere Festival.

'The Last Time I Felt Better' is out now. Listen HERE @georgieneilsen


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