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Get To Know | Bad Love

Self-styled 'Sad-Boy Pop' band, Bad Love have released their bitter-sweet new single, 'A Place For Me' via UK based Label Republic Of Music.


Based in Manchester and being brought up on a alluring blend on 80s alternative and 90s pop, Bad Love blend their love of new-romantic icons with the anthemic-pop hooks of present-day to cultivate a sophisticated alt-pop sound.

Effortlessly combining contemporary, synth-pop sounds with earnest, heartfelt lyrics, Bad Love create a hypnotic brand of pop music, as joyful as it is introspective. Slick, melodic and unerringly catchy, the single is elevated further by charismatic frontman Andy Gannon, who’s yearning vulnerability radiates throughout.

Wasting no time to make their mark on the Music Industry, the band have already released two singles gaining support from Spotify playlists, BBC Radio and many tastemaker blogs. Now with the release of 'A Place For Me' along with further singles and an EP already due for release, Bad Love are determined to cement their place as 'ones to watch'.


We got to know the band a little better when we had a chat with frontman, Andy...

Hello and welcome to The Lowdown! How are you guys doing?

"All good thanks! It's pretty sunny here right now so just enjoying what very few days of summer we seem to get!"

Introduce yourselves to our readers! "We're Bad Love, I'm Andy, the singer. Tommy plays bass and keys, Sam plays guitar and Benny T is on drums." Where are you from? "We're from Stoke but based in Manchester!" How did you meet each other? "Well, me and Tommy had been in bands together for years. After splitting from an old project I had a ton of demos that we both liked so we found Ben and Sam who we knew from other bands and that was kindof it! We all knew we got along really well and that's such an important part of it." How long have you been making music together? "Bad Love formed at the end of 2019, I had all these demos so we just went into the studio and worked on an EP just to kindof find what we wanted Bad Love to be and since then it's been non stop." What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not making music? "I don't really do anything if i'm not doing music to be honest! It's like literally my only hobby. Is that a bit sad? haha!" For those who haven’t listened to your music before, how would you describe your sound? We call it sadboy pop. It's kind of indie-pop/ alt-pop. We're hugely inspired by artists like LANY, MUNA and The 1975 in terms of the sheer anthemic nature of the songs; but then at the same time I want Bad Love to feel like all these artists I grew up loving so there's touches of The Cure, The Smiths and INXS."

What would be your touring essentials if you hit the road soon (after coronavirus of course!) "I think you only need a few things to make the tour great.  1. Good tunes. It's long drives and lots of time waiting around. If you haven't got entertainment you'll end up eating eachother or something 2. Baby wipes, toilet roll & deodorant. Touring is by no means glamorous. 5-6 people in a van for 10 hours a day does not make for an alluring aroma, especially when you've got a drummer - you have been warned. 3. A sleeping bag. Be ready for no hotel, you're either sleeping in the van or camping in a field so unless you're gonna stay alive by other means, you'll want your beauty sleep!" You recently released your new single ‘A Place For Me’. Is there a story behind the track or anything / anyone that inspired it specifically? "'A Place For Me' is about how when you've been hurt or had your heart broken, it can be so hard to trust or love someone again. It's kindof set from the two sides of a relationship. On one side, someone has been hurt and is finding it hard to say all the things they want to say. The whole thing feels right but you just get that anxiety and that feeling in your stomach that always stops you making the leap you need to make. On the other side, someone else can't understand why there are so many walls up between you when you have those moments and sparks that show it could be something special. I've seen it in lots of my friends' relationships and I've been there myself. I think the only way through it is to just be real with each other and try to pull down the walls we can put up to keep ourselves safe." You've also released a video for the track! Is there any behind the scenes goss you can tell us about it? "We made the video with one of my best friends Joe Berisford, who is an amazing director and cinematographer. He's a huge part of the art direction for Bad Love and so we wanted the video to be an extension of the song; another piece in the world of Bad Love. We're both so inspired by cinema that it has a huge role to play in the look and sound of the band so our approach for it was to kind of create a short film and not just a music video." Finally, what have you got planned for the rest of this year?

"We've got another single due out before the end of the year which we're really buzzed about too, along with what i'm calling the '3am mixtape'. It's kind of stripped down and reimagined versions of each song meant to reflect the times that I wrote them all at - which is almost exclusively late at nights. Aside from that we're working on some saucy little live sessions to fill the void whilst we can't be gigging so i'm really excited for that!"


Listen to 'A Place For Me' HERE Instagram: @badloveforreal


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