Get To Know | Chloe Moriondo

Michigan artist Chloe Moriondo recently teamed up with Alfie Templeman and Thomas Headon for new collaboration 'Dizzy'.

The 19 year old, who has been performing on youtube since the age of 13 has amassed over 3 million followers, 41.2 million worldwide streams and signed a record deal with Fueled By Ramen in 2019, putting out her 'Blood Bunny' album earlier this year. Currently on tour in the US, Chloe will be making her full-band-headline live debut in Europe in early 2022.

We had the opportunity to speak with Chloe on the new release and more as part of our Get to Know series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"I’m Chloe Moriondo!!!!! I’m 19 and I make sort of alt-pop-rock music?!?!? I love animals and writing sort of gross lyrics and experimenting with fun sounds!!!"

When did you start making music?

"I’ve been m