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Get To Know | D.B. Ricapito

‘Good Things Don’t Last’ featuring Erin Kirby is the lead single taken from D.B. Ricapito's EP ‘I Can’t Explain It’, and it continues in the same vein of his previous releases, with an introduction that draws you in immediately.


Then enters his vocal, with a paired back synthesizer that creates the chord progression and the familiar chilled, ambient R&B-Pop drum beat alongside. The vocal hook is imminent to the listener and leads into the piercing verse from smoky-voiced Kirby, which is evident and clear that both can create a melody with effortless effect.


We had the opportunity to speak with him on the new release as part of our Get To Know series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a little about you!

"What’s up, my name is D.B. and I’m from Ashburn Virginia! I’ve spent this past year working on my debut EP and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it. Music has been a passion of mine since I was 16 and I can’t wait to turn it into my life."

Where are you from and do you feel like your surroundings have played an influence on your sound?

"So I’m from northern Virginia, I feel that being from here has had a huge impact on my creativity. Pop music has a huge amount of popularity around here and growing I was always exposed to it. It’s safe to say it has influenced my sound!"

How would you describe your music in the form of a hashtag?


What’s your earliest musical memory / so you remember when you first got into music?

"I remember when I was 10 my mom would let me stay up late on school nights to watch American idol. That turned into my want to create it."

Have you had any specific stand out moments so far?

"My first tour was such an amazing feeling. Being able to play my music for people and see their faces light up truly means more than anything to me."

Who would be your dream collaboration?

"I would love to create a song with Role Model. His sound is different and amazing but that’s right now. Every day that answer change because last week it was John K."

Who are your biggest inspirations?

"I pull inspiration from so many places and people. Some of my biggest have to be John Mayer

Shawn Mendes, J.P Saxe and Max."

Tell us a little about your new track ‘Good Things Don’t Last’

"The whole concept of the song is one that I feel like so many can relate to. For me, while we were writing - it was a way to vent over the fact that every time a relationship seems to be going well there’s always something to come along and ruin it."

How was working with Erin Kirby on the track?

"Erin’s verse is amazing. Words cannot describe the joy on my face when my label played it back for me. She’s based in Atlanta and we recorded my parts in NYC but the connection just worked. She is not only an amazing singer but a songwriter and I truly couldn’t ask for someone better to be on this track."

Do you have a favorite lyric?

"The first verse “it’s like the same track is on repeat” really stuck to me as I feel in relationships you often end up fighting over the same little things. Those little things often lead to the downfall."

Finally, do you have any plans for 2021 so far?

"There is so much in the works from new music to new videos to a new EP and maybe an album. I hope we’ll be able to get on the road and play for the fans but we’ll see what happens."

'Good Things Don't Last' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE


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