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Get To Know | Don Kon

Alex Magan, or as he goes by on stage, Don Kon, is a 19 year old dance music producer/DJ from Boston, Massachusetts. In the beginning, Alex just went by his full name while performing, but as time went on and he was, he needed something a little catchier and a logo people would recognise. He's just released his new track 'Lost In Your Eyes'.


Alex’s love for music began at a very young age. Since then, that is what he has been doing.

“My mom introduced me to classical music when I was young and I absolutely loved it,” Magan said. “While my dad introduced me to disco, funk, and rock, but I picked up DJing and fell in love with it”.

He aims to try to bring together different genres, as of the moment he is busy fusing both rap and EDM music together and the response from his fans has been great!

In recent months received support from Spinnin’ Records signed artists ‘MusicbyLukas’ for his song 'Dangerous Love' and ‘Jonas Aden’ as well as Spinnin’ Records themselves for his song 'All I Want'.


Watch our interview with Don Kon HERE!


Listen to 'Lost In Your Eyes' HERE

Instagram: @donkonmusic


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