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Get To Know | Drive!Drive!

Wanting to show that in the current state of the world, creativity and love can thrive, Drive!Drive! release 'Like You'. 


With the view that music is a therapeutic process, the boys from Nashville are striving to be a positive influence on listeners and other creatives in uncertain times.

'Like You' is an old school pop anthem to get you dancing, with heavy pop hooks, clean guitar riffs and retro synths, their signature sound is just what the world needs right now.

Drive!Drive! isn't just another internet pop band. The alternative pop creation was first formed in the mind of Alex Johnson. Craving to create something new and powerful. Not only with music but with a brand and aesthetic that would catch everyone's attention. 


We had a chat with the guys and got to know them a little better...

Hey guys! Nice to chat to you! How are you doing? "Great to chat with you too! We’re doing well. It’s a weird time for everyone but we always try to stay positive."

Tell us a fun fact about the band! "Whenever we’re on tour or together we usually eat at Chipotle. But when in CA, it’s In-N-Out."

How did you all meet each other?

"We actually met on a Facebook group called YEP. It’s where a lot of Nashville musicians or entertainment professionals post. Alex posted wanting to start a band and do it for the love of music and not just fame or fortune."

What would be your dream come true as a band?

"We would absolutely love to tour the world and have the opportunity to meet our fans who have helped shape who we are."

Have you had a stand out moment in your career so far?

"Our most recent US tour definitely comes to mind. It was an incredible experience getting to see that we can have fans at shows in areas that are all over the country! Knowing that we have passionate fans inspires us to want to go everywhere and play in different cities and countries so that we can share our music with more people."

You guys are from Nashville, where the music scene is huge! Do your surroundings inspire the sound in any way?

"Since we all hail from different parts of the country, Alex from California/North Carolina, Philip from the Bay Area of California and Gavin from Utah, we get our inspirations from all over and definitely from each other. Nashville is still a country town, we are very proud to be a part of a pop scene that has been growing stronger for the last few years."

You’ve just released your new single ‘Like you’. Tell us a little about it!

"It’s really a song about finding that once in a lifetime love with someone. We were all in a studio in Atlanta for two days writing it and once we got started, the song just kind of wrote itself."

Is there a story behind the track or anything that inspired it?

"We actually wrote this song with Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount. They have have produced/written with some of our favorite artists growing up. Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Cartel, Whitney Houston, Usher. They asked to write with us after one of our shows in Atlanta and we were so excited. We would take foosball breaks and it was just the easiest environment to create in."

How has the reaction been so far? "We’ve been pretty blown away with the reactions from fans and even new fans that found us after they heard it."

How would you sum ‘Like You’ up in 3 words?

"Retro, fun, dancey!"

Finally, what can we expect from you guys next?

"We are always working on new music and have some demos that we are very excited about getting to work on. We've also just released a music video for 'Like You'!"


Listen to 'Like You' HERE Instagram: @justdrivedrive


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