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Get To Know | Dunedogs

Chicago artist Dunedogs recently released his new single ‘Ghost’.


We had the chance to speak with Dunedogs on the release and more...

Firstly, tell us a little about yourself!

“Halo halo, this is Dunedogs, im a multimedia artist from Chicago, with a passion for music that tells stories. I identify first as a writer, and performer of all things - I like taking issues that are heavy on the heart, reformatting them, and processing them into stories or sounds that make people feel lucky to be alive.”

When did you start making music?

“I started writing lyrics and poetry in second or third grade. So 7, 8 years old or so - I played in bands throughout high school and college but didn’t take things too seriously until I opened a DIY music venue in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighbourhood. A group of friends and I would host shows every other weekend or so - showcasing local and touring bands. We built a stage, installed pro audio and lighting, and really went full throttle with the venture. I started performing there regularly and thats when I realized that if I pushed hard enough I could make a living in music in some capacity.”

Where are you from and what is the music scene like there?

“Chicago born and bred. Probably have been here too long. Its an absolutely amazing place. I have traveled the world and still feel Chicago is one of the most well rounded urban areas on earth. The art, food, landscape and people, create a really rare balance of authenticity and warmth. People are honest, and raw, but kind for the most part. The music scene is pretty rad - some of my favorite bands of all time have come out of Chicago - Wilco, Dehd, Fruitbats, Twin Peaks. The DIY scene is also vibrant, young people really have a place to cut their teeth playing shows for crowded sweaty basements. Its a great place to learn, fail, experiment, discover yourself.”

Have you had any particular stand out moments in your career so far?

“Right before I sat down for this interview I had my first meeting with a label who is interested in representing me and pressing my upcoming EP to vinyl. That makes me happy. Im not dying to sign anywhere, but it would be nice to have some help on the administrative side of things.

Mmmh, I‘d say touring the country twice has been some of the best musical experience of my life and career. One of a kind experience…every time.”

You recently released your new single ‘Ghost’. Tell us a little about the concept behind the track?

“‘Ghost’ was a collage of 2020 for me. Everyone had a different experience and I wanted to create a clean, danceable canvas for people to find movement in. Stuck in isolation for the past year, we all struggled to keep our heads straight. Of course massive political and social shifts occurred as young people took to the streets – we were all stuck inside and all alone, until we weren’t. We had young leaders exposing major human rights disparities in the U.S. and the world; art seemed to hibernate, and our connections to each other were often replaced with conversations with the self. On paper, the production of the song started with the lead guitar line, and the lyrics kinda fell into place from there. As the world turned, I would revisit the lyrics – we had a capital insurrection in the US – so I rewrote the second verse to comment on the power of that. In this weird space between loneliness and eye opening growth, I pieced the rest together with some up beat drums and gritty vocals. The question I wanted to explore was ummmm, in the absence of “community”, “Do the values I embrace inside my home, inside my body, match the value I bring to the world outside of my home; outside of my body?”

The Ghost in questions is you, me, the other side of ourselves. The person we talk to in private, in our head, or in the shower. The energy we check in with. I love the romanticization of death, and sadly, the word Ghost carries such “scary” weight – but I wanted to introduce the thought that we could get to know our own ghost before we die. Our spirit, I guess. Ghosts don’t have to be spooky creatures. They are just energy transfers. I think. When you spend enough time alone, hiking, camping, in the wilderness….or in quarantine apparently, you really have time to evaluate your spirit, your ghost. I love that shit. Scary stuff. But it needs to be done.”

What else are you working on / what’s coming next for you?

“I have an EP in the works! Very excited about that. I think its going to be titled ‘Mega Surrender’. Looking like 7-8 songs out at the end of this summer if I keep my nose down and stay hard at work. I want to continue to take heavy issues, flip them, and create some upbeat, hopeful songs. I think this first EP will be a good show of that - i’ve grown enormously in the past two years and I hope my sound and story will reflect that. Expect some danceable tunes, as well as some slower, meditative pieces you can take some deep breaths to. I’m opening for Nordista Freeze at the Empty Bottle on August 8th! - A show I am super stoked about. Any Chicago readers come check out the set!”

’Ghost’ is out now. Listen HERE @dunedogs


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