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Get To Know | Elena

Canadian pop artist Elena has released her second track of 2021, an upbeat electro-pop song entitled 'Bonnie & Clyde'.


The song started as a metaphor for getting rid of old version of ourselves, creating new identities, and finding partners who would support those changes and evolve with us. Elena wrote the song during the first lockdown in her apartment in New York City.

A whimsical background of growing up home-schooled on a cattle farm in Canada, attending Berklee College of Music, and hustling in New York City while writing her first EP, has led Elena to settle in London while she releases the track.


We had the opportunity to speak to Elena on the release and more as part of our Get to Know series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"Hello! My name is Elena and I'm a singer-songwriter. I've been writing since I was 10 years old, and began releasing my music a few years ago. This year I'm releasing a ton of huge projects which I'm super excited to share with you all."

Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about that place?

"From a cattle farm in Canada, near Smithers on Gidimt’en territory (pronounced “gid-em-dan"). My favourite thing is the landscape (it looks like a mini Switzerland) and the close-knit community there." How would you sum up your sound in less than five words?

"lyrical vulnerable curious alternative pop" Do you have any early musical memories?

"The first time I heard 'The Impossible' by Joe Nichols on my dad's truck radio. I remember sitting there on the ride home, turning up the song and hearing the lyrics, and when the chorus played I got goosebumps and decided one day I would write a song that powerful."

Who would be your dream artist to collab with?

"Sevdaliza. Musically and just to be in the same room as her. She's tapped into all her god-like qualities."

What’s been your stand out moment so far?

"My sister sent me a video of her driving to work, and my song playing on the radio. She was freaking out and so excited. That felt super surreal - to have my music playing on radio without requests or just on a specific show." You’ve just released your new single ‘Bonnie & Clyde’. Tell us a little about it!

"It's a mid-tempo pop track with an energetic soaring chorus, describing a classic Bonnie and Clyde story. It's the first track I wrote for my album 'Holy Tender Artist' that comes out in Autumn, and I wrote it during the first two weeks of lockdown in my New York bedroom/apartment."

Is there a specific story behind the lyrics?

"The song started as a metaphor for getting rid of old versions of ourselves, creating new identities, and finding partners who would support those changes and evolve with us. As I was writing, I came up with the line "if you bury the bodies I'll find a way out", which was originally meant as "if you get rid of our old selves, I'll find a way for us to evolve into something new". When I listened back though, I had this strong visual of standing in an empty field next to a car, talking with someone frantically, while saying that line. I switched the songwriting approach to describe a story versus just the concept, and when I got to the chorus, the "Bonnie and Clyde" line came through and pieced it all together." Do you have a favourite line or part of the track?

"I always liked people like us in the movies". It's cool living a life where you know if they made a movie about the life you're living, YOU would be your favourite character." Finally, what do you have in store for the rest of 2021?

"Releasing an EP in May titled 'Have You Ever Met a Model With Feelings?' and a full length album 'Holy Tender Artist' in the Autumn. Hopefully some form of live shows or live recorded shows. And I'm sure since the album has already been written, I'll start working on a new project that develops in the upcoming years."

'Bonnie & Clyde' is out now. Listen HERE @elenathemusician


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