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Get To Know | Eli Gosling

Eli Gosling has shared the official music video for latest single‘Criminal Love’

via Goldun Egg Records.


Directed by Loona Kasemets (The Graft) and shot in a suburban skate park. ‘Criminal Love’ was co-written with singer songwriter and producer Odunsi (The Engine) and is the second single from Eli Gosling, taken from his debut EP ‘Blue Romance’ penned for release September 2020.

The Surrey based artist draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings, relationships, skate parks, movies and urban art.

Loona explained the concept behind the video:

“My aim was to encapsulate the feeling of young love, whilst remaining true to the artists daily experiences by capturing honest moments of him and his friends spending time together on a sunny summer day.”

Speaking about the video Eli quotes:

“I loved working with Loona she completely got my vision for the music video. I’m always on my skateboard at that park, so she wanted to film me there just hanging out. I wanted the video to be as chilled as possible, so she gave me and my friends a DV camera to play around with, and she cut in that footage which made the final video feel really natural. The story is about trying to steel and win the heart of a girl, but sometimes it’s not meant to be.”


We had a chat with Eli about his new track, working with Loona and his upcoming debut EP...

Hey Eli! Welcome to The Lowdown. Introduce yourself and tell us an interesting fact about you!

"Hey there, my name is Eli Gosling and I was born in a bath.  I love pickled onion Monster Munch and being a decent person - I can also ollie over a water bottle on my skateboard."

Where are you from?

"By day Surrey - England at night I could be anywhere..."

When did you realise you wanted a career in music?

"It is not about a career in music at the moment.  It is more about my passion and love for my music and the vibe it brings me, it possibly might become a career. But at the moment it is a passion - but who knows what will happen.  If you have a passion then it will lead to good things - right?!?"

How would you sum up your sound in 5 words or less?

"Inventive, creative, heartfelt//loving, enjoyable and full of instinctive soul."

You’ve recently released your new single ‘Criminal Love’. How has the reaction been to the track so far?

"The reaction has been great so far - I was so happy and overwhelmed to have my first radio play with KCRW in Los Angeles by Jason Kramer,  and also having over 2.5K on YT views has been sick, so amazing to have that sort of support on my first singles! Also other musicians have responded to my music and been giving me great input, it’s amazing to have their thoughts and guidance. Having words from other established artist gives me a good insight - right - they know a lot and I learn from their input."

It’s only your second release following your debut single ‘Angel’. Why have you chosen these tracks to make your debut? Do you feel like they have shown a distinct sound that you want to have going forward?

"So - basically umm  - Both of my singles I have written with the second single ‘Criminal Love’ being co-written with NUUXS and Odunsi The Engine, which was my first collaboration. I really loved the word play and the vibe was so much fun.  Working with them was amazing and brought so much to my writing process. I am also experimenting with different vibes and soul. Experimenting in music is what I love, whether it be rap/indie or pop – but whatever else it brings to me, it needs to always make me happy."

You released the video for the track earlier this month - directed by Loona Kasemets. Do you feel like she truly got the vision you wanted for the video and how was it working with her?

"Yesss// Loona did completely get my vision - she did a great job, she also just gave the DV camera to me and my friends and just let us film, which made the whole thing completely natural, it’s sort of just what we do when we are chilling, it felt really natural, the way she shot each scene was exactly how I saw it in my head, we filmed just after the main lock down so - yeah sick!!"

You’re releasing your debut EP this September, what can we expect from it?

"So much -  mmmm right…. It was so much fun making the first EP 'Blue Romance'. I wanted to release the tracks in the order that they were completed. I also created the artwork for each single as well as the EP. It was another great outlet for me to be creative. This EP is a banger for me for sure - it will either pop or not, like a sausage.  It will be either reactive//positive  but that is the whole point of doing it. You got a start somewhere."

And finally, what would you like to have achieved in the next 5 years?

"I’ve got so much to do and I’m really enjoying doing it. I simply just want to put out my music, skate and make art. I’d love people to continue to enjoy my  EP that drops in September, I’m also working on new material all the time, so can’t wait to see what the future brings, five years feels like a long time right now but life is a journey, right? And I can’t wait for that..."

Eli’s ‘Criminal Love’, delivers a hip-hop infused, laid-back vocal, dropped over dramatic electro beats. The result is an irresistible brand of R&B-pop that draws us in from the offset.

The artist’s songwriting starts with verses dancing around in his head before he pulls the melody and lyrics into the track. A love of contemporary artists from Post Malone to Juice Wrld along with the 90’s hip hop scene continues to influence the artists creative vision. An expressive series of artworks have been designed and created by the artist to accompany each release.


Listen to 'Criminal Love' HERE Instagram: @_eligosling


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