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Get To Know | Fever

Hull city’s candid songbirds, Fever, have shared their rousing new single ‘Honesty’.


Jumbo choruses and dreamy guitar strums are the magical focal point of yet another cracker from the north’s coming-of-age raconteurs.

Singer/guitarist James Harrod spoke about the track, saying: 

“‘Honesty’ is a song about being at the make or break point with someone you like. It’s saying we could keep on playing these games with each other or we can just be honest and see what happens.”

The track is released alongside a splendid B-Side called ‘Back For More’.


Read on, as we put some questions to Harrod in our ‘Get to Know’ series, and make sure you check out their new single ‘Honesty’ below.

How did you guys meet?

"Myself and Mitchell, our lead guitarist, met at school when we were 13. We would both acknowledged each other’s love for Oasis, and we became good mates from there and he taught me how to play a few tunes on guitar. A few separate bands later and we finally decided to do something. Joe filled in on drums in my old band and that is how I met him. I knew he was good, and he had the drive I was looking for, so I got in touch with him once I had a couple of new tunes. I knew Charley from college, and I had heard he was a good bassist and he looked cool. I bumped into him in the pub a couple years later and asked him to come down to a rehearsal. The four of us started rehearsing and writing together for just over a year, then decided we wanted to expand on our sound. Joe and I already knew Sam and heard he was looking to play keys in a band, he saw us headline at The Polar Bear in Hull and after the set we spoke to him and asked him to come rehearse. It worked, and the rest is history!"

What was it like growing up in Hull?

"Without being biased I think it is great and unique. Hull has typical northern attributes, but it also has a distinctive charm that feels secluded from everywhere else. For me it has been an inspiring place to grow up, I like where I am from."

And what is the best local boozer?

"I would definitely recommend checking out the new ‘Social’ on Humber Street! Joe works behind the bar there too, so we are perhaps a little biased..."

What do you miss most about live shows?

"The atmosphere, the people, and the energy. For me playing live is what it is about."

What is the craziest thing that you have seen happen while playing live?

"Probably just people singing the word’s back at us, that is crazy to me."

What were your first reactions when you got the offer to sign with Blossoms’ Very Clever Records?

"We were buzzed to work with them. They have been great support and it has helped us to get things rolling a little quicker."

Who is the band’s favourite band?

"We all have slightly different taste, which is what makes us up, I think. But I am going to be selfish and say The Beatles."

When writers block hits, what do you do?

"Just let it pass naturally, I will pretend I am not a musician until I get re-inspired, then something usually comes along."

What were some of the band names that were thrown into the hat before you decided on Fever?

"I cannot even remember, that is how bad they were."


Listen to ‘Honesty’ HERE

Instagram: @feverbanduk


Twitter: @ross_alister


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