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Get To Know | Fields

The elusive and encaptivating FIELDS is the latest feature in our Get to Know series in light of his latest single, ‘Tunnel Vision.’


Let’s find out a little more... 

Who is Fields?

"Fields is me! I adopted this name as a tribute to where I grew up in rural Wisconsin. I lived in an old farmhouse with a red barn and silo, surrounded by fields. I spent a lot of time playing make believe, singing, and eventually making the visuals for my music out there. The name just felt right."

Describe your music in the form of a hashtag...


What must a person like in order to enjoy your music?

"You need to love to have a little fun. I love pop music, songs that are bright, sounds that take you to different places you haven’t been in years, or haven’t been at all. Sound memory is such a strong feeling for me, and my goal is to make the words just as colorful as those sound memories. Let’s go to space, let’s steal your dad’s car, let’s kiss in front of families at the park. Life is too short, let’s have fun!"

Who is your music not for?

"I make it a point to make my music for everyone. I love songs that can connect no matter how different the listener may be from me. So if you’re looking for music thats tailor made for a specific audience or lifestyle, my music is not for you."

Why did you want to become a producer?

"I started producing my own music when I was 16, releasing little SoundCloud songs over the years. But my talent lies more in songwriting, I started to work with other producers and when I moved to Los Angeles recently I met Socialchair, and I haven’t released a song without him since!"

What is your favourite song to listen to you when you are chilling out?

"I would say 'Human Nature' by Sevdaliza. I’m such a huge fan of her music, and even if I’m just chilling out I want to put something on that has a little drama and cinematic quality to it. Frank Ocean’s album 'Blonde' is also something I can put on anytime, and just fall into it."

Does your new track ‘Tunnel Vision’ encapsulate everything that you are aiming for creatively?

"Tunnel Vision is great way to describe the way I approach my life. I tend to focus on this with a lot of intensity when they become a goal, whether that may be romance or my professional goals. The song’s sound and attitude are a good summation of my work, you can dance to it, sing along, and most importantly it sounds good when you’re driving. All my music is best enjoyed in the car."

What feelings do you hope people are left with after listening to the track?

"I hope that Tunnel Vision brings you three minutes of euphoria. I’ve been leading a very lonely summer as I know many people have, and this song is all about recalling those moments that you miss most. So I guess I hope this song leaves you with a big mess to clean up!"


Listen to 'Tunnel Vision' HERE

Instagram: @fie1ds


Twitter: @ross_alister


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