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Get To Know | Florence Rose

Florence Rose is an indie pop/rock solo project by Braden Norris from Tulsa, OK.


Florence Rose began roughly 2 years ago when Braden was still in high school. Since then, he has decided to leave behind the traditional college and has begun studying at a music academy in Oklahoma City.

He has accumulated over half a million streams on Spotify and currently in the mixing process of the sophomore EP, expecting a release date in September.


We had a chat with Florence Rose on the new track, growing fanbase and upcoming EP...

Where are you from? "I grew up in a suburb outside of Tulsa, OK called Broken Arrow. Went to school in a tiny little town called Coweta... aka “Cow-Town”. I’m currently living in Oklahoma City and studying music production at a music academy! I’m moving back to downtown Tulsa at the start of 2021."

Tell us a little about your career so far! "Well I got my first guitar when I was a freshman in high school, my cousin gave it to me for free. It was a pretty random thing, I never even thought about getting a guitar but I’m so glad it happened. I started writing songs instantly but didn’t release any music until about 2 years later in my Junior year. It was kind of just a fun thing to do, I didn’t take it very seriously and neither did anyone else. Growing up in a small town it’s hard to establish yourself as a musician and have people take you serious. Thankfully, I’ve continued to make music and I think a lot of people are paying attention. I realized I wanted to make this a career about a year ago, I was a business major at a college and I left there to study music. Ever since then, I’ve taken it a lot more seriously and have realized that this could actually be my career. Super exciting stuff."

Can you sum up your sound in 5 words?

"This next EP is gonna be totally different than my earlier stuff and I’d say it can be described as jangly, summery, exciting, ear-catching, and easy." What would you like to have achieved in the next 5 years? "One of my craziest goals has always been to perform at Red Rocks in Colorado. Hopefully in 5 years I’ll have done that, but that’s a big dream. Other than that, I hope to be living off my music career 100%. I also wanna perform with some of my inspirations such as COIN, Dayglow, and Bleachers." You’ve just released your new track ‘Open Your Eyes’. How has the reaction been so far? "It’s been amazing! I really couldn’t be happier. It was a pretty big risk, it’s the first song I’ve ever done 100% by myself. So I really didn’t have any other ears to give me feedback on it.  But I’m so thankful that I have some amazing followers who support me all the way. And I’m also getting to do this awesome interview which is a good sign!" How have you found yourself dealing with the coronavirus situation? Do you feel its given you a little more time to be creative and explore / develop your sound a little more? "It’s tough! For sure, no doubt about that. It’s caused a lot of changes in my life. However, despite all the loss in this season I’ve been able to dedicate myself more to music. I’ve been writing everyday and that’s pretty rare for me. It’s definitely helped me craft and find my sound! I feel like the songs I’ve written over the past few months are the songs I’ve been searching for." Your fanbase is growing rapidly, and rightly so! How do you feel that people are now listening?  "Yes! I’ve thankfully seen so many new fans listening and supporting me, it’s crazy. It feels amazing. It’s the best feeling in the world when someone messages me about my songs or posts them online. I never would’ve imagined I could’ve had so many amazing people listening to my music. The internet can be a scary thing but it’s helped me reach so many new people and I’m so thankful for that." Your sophomore EP is due out in September! What can we expect from that release? "Correct! I keep writing better songs so I keep having to push it back. As of right now, late September is when I’ll be planning. You can expect some catchy songs and a couple sad ones as well. I’ve been able to be more vulnerable in my writing and I’m really proud of these upcoming songs. It’s a scary feeling when you release a part of your heart and soul into the world because you don’t know how people are gonna react. But these songs are about more than just relationships and girls, they’re about things that I struggle with, as well as many others. And I think many people will be able to resonate with them. " And finally, what else are you planning over the next few months and into 2021? "Well like we said, EP! Then hopefully venues open back up and I can start playing some shows again. I’m also getting married in 5 months so that’s awesome. I’ll be writing tons of songs in the meantime and probably binge-watching Schitts Creek for the fifth time! In 2021, hopefully we will see my first album and a tour! Depending on the worlds situation of course."


Listen to 'Open Your Eyes' HERE Instagram: @florencerosemusic

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