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Get To Know | Guytano

Minnesota synth based pop-rock 4 piece Guytano have just released their brand new single 'She Knows'.


With over 4 million streams on Spotify and a dedicated, cult-like fanbase, Guytano has been able to find their place in the Minneapolis scene and beyond. Consistently releasing singles and music videos over the course of the pandemic, they've kept their fans engaged and invested into the community they've worked hard to build.

The new track was mixed by Jon Gilmore (The 1975), and embodies the excess of Vegas, telling the story of losing everything in sin city. From the music video to the album art, the aesthetic is overwhelmingly consistent with everything you’d find walking down ‘the strip’.


We had a chat with them to find out more as part of our get to know series...

Introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about you guys!

Grant: "My name is Grant, I write most of the songs for the band as well as sing."

How did you meet and when did you start making music together?

Grant: "We met at a really early age probably around 13 and have been the same lineup for 10 years."

Is there a story or meaning behind the band name?

Eddie: "Haha, no. Just looks cool!"

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, how would you sum it up? Grant: "My approach to writing music is to have the listener be fully engaged the entire song. My biggest fear is having someone be indifferent about what our songs sound like. I’d rather have them hate it then be passively listening."

Where are you guys from and what’s your favourite thing about it? Do you feel as though your surroundings have inspired your sound in any way?

Isaac: "We’re from Minneapolis, there have been so many unbelievable artists and bands that have came out of the Twin Cities. Everyone from The Replacements to Prince to Bob Dylan."

Who are your biggest inspirations, musically?

Grant: "We respect a great song regardless of the way it’s dressed up. I love John Prine, Springsteen, The Killers, Wilco, Oasis."

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

Grant: "Probably Noel Gallagher, I’d be so honoured to have him call one of our songs sh**e."

You’ve just released your new single ‘She Knows’! How has the reaction been so far?

Colter: "It’s our biggest song so far, The response has been insane, this one we knew a special from the get go and we are so excited to have it finally out and have people invest in it."

Tell us a little about it!

Grant: "I had the main chord progression rolling around for about a year, I kept coming back to it every couple months. I had a eight bar groove that was much faster and had a stupid synth line over top. We decided to slow the thing down and make the bass line the focal point of the song. From there it was a super fast process of building out the song. Lyrics came very easy the narrative was clear kind of from the get go. The stuff that you make really fast usually turns out to be the most memorable."

Do you have a favourite part or lyric from the track?

"Colter: The "She Knows" melody in the chorus is kind of irresistible."

What’s coming next for you guys?

Isaac: "We got shows lined up for the summer and fall. As well as a couple more singles with music videos. The goal is to just put out as much great content as possible in the next couple months."

'She Knows' is out now.


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