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Get To Know | Heidrunna

Iceland’s brightest new pop act Heidrunna emits an effervescent glow in her new single, ‘Borderline’ – a frenetic electro-pop celebration via Absolute Label Services.

Showcasing Heidrunna’s whimsical vocals to great effect, the synthetic ‘Borderline’ is a bouncy, harmonious utopia that promises to send you into a synthesized frenzy. Here we find Heidrunna wrapped around moments of indecision and finding herself on the “borderline” of romance.


We had the chance to speak with Heidrunna on the new release and more...

Please introduce yourself to our readers!

"My name is Heidrunna and I'm Icelandic born in Reykjavik. I've been living in England for some time now so I'm starting to feel a bit English, although my accent gives it totally away. People think I'm here on holiday."

How would you describe your sound?

"My sound is international I would say! Scandi cool / French sexy pop with hint of English charm and added American touches inspired with a Madonna/Blondie feel."

Iceland has a long history of producing great music - why do you think this is? "I'm not sure why Iceland has had a long history of producing great music, but it could be the nature, the dark lonely nights we have and the beautiful landscape. Everytime I'm home and write a song It comes so naturally almost electric! I've always loved my country but when I was younger I had this urge to go and explore outside this little island I lived on. Felt like I needed to live a little more and to see more then I would be better at writing songs. I mean my English was pretty broken when I left so sometimes I'm not even sure how I did it! LOL!"

What is a Heidrunna live show like? "At the moment my live shows are non-existent! I'm working on it though! It will be low key to start with. Me, keyboard and a guitarist ( maybe bass ). I love playing live don't get me wrong but I always feel best in the studio. Maybe because I feel safe and in total control. When I'm on stage it's great when people are singing along cause they know some of the songs but as soon as I'm in a situation when playing new material it can be hard - you will have some people totally into it or some dickheads that don't give a f**k and turn their back on you the whole time you are singing and that really f**ks me off."

How do live audiences differ in the UK to Iceland?

"I have to be honest I've played so much more in England than Iceland so I can't compare. I have had some really great gigs in England. Last time I played in Iceland was on Airwaves 2019 and that was great."

Dream venue to play? "Dream venue for me are festivals. I've done some European festival and in Australia - and that was out of this world. So much fun. People are just there to have fun and listen to the music. And the weather was magical."

Dream artist to collaborate with? "I have so many artists that I would like to collaborate with. Obviously some are gone like David Bowie and Prince.... or Georgie Michael can you imagine!! Serge Gainsbourg would also be there in top 4. Today artists I don't want to say, as don't want to jeopardise anything....hehehe but I love Peggy Gou, Phoenix, Beach House, Empire of the Sun, Cassius, Weezer... working with any of these people would be unbelievable."

What's your favourite song? "I think my favourite song is 'Heart of Glass' by Blondie, 'Imagine' by John Lennon, 'I’m So Tired of Being Alone' by Al Green and I just love 'Hung Up' by Madonna (obviously ABBA played a part in that song!) I actually don't think I have one..... I have many!"

What was the first record you ever bought?

"I can't remember what was the first record I bought but my dad was a captain and he started to bring all kinds of record from his travels. And that definitely inspired me as a kid. From Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven to ABBA Voulez-Vous and the Arrival album."

What is the biggest struggle being an artist? "The biggest struggle of being an artist is to be seen and heard I would say. Also the annoying self-doubt that can creep in sometimes, which weirdly can happen when you have just finished a great song that you loved making, and loved recording. Leaving the studio on a high and then the next day I'm thinking I should maybe pack it all in. It's never gonna work. Thankfully that doesn't last too long so I get my shit together and carry on..... until I'm heard and seen! I don't have to mention the money side of things.....if you haven't already made it then its non-existent.... if you are doing it yourself with no push from a major label it can be a struggle."

You're releasing your debut album next year, what can you tell us about it? "Yes I'm releasing my album around March next year and I’m very excited about it. The album is full of songs for all kind of moments...getting ready for a party, in the party, coming back home from a party and on a bummer the next day after a party. It's emotional album but in the same time a feel-good album."

And will there be any UK dates? If so where and when! "No UK dates so far but I'm thinking about finding a small cool venue that I can showcase maybe 5 songs from the album. Have it cosy and intimate and all people invited apart from those who are gonna talk the whole way through! ;D"

Finally, tell our readers why they could check out your music: "You should really check out my album 'Melodramatic' because it's gonna make you feel. You won't be disappointed!"

The NZCA LINES remix ‘Borderline’ is available now.

Listen HERE


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