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Get To Know | Joel Corry

Joel Corry kicked off 2020 with a bang, starting the year with the release of his newest single 'Lonely'- an undeniable feel-good club tune featuring infectious vocals by collaborator Harlee and since its release, the track has made a mark on dance floors across the UK and beyond.


'Lonely' follows the success of Joel's breakthrough hit single 'Sorry' - a rework of Monsta Boy's UKG classic which spent 10 weeks in the UK Top 10, peaking at number 6 and breaking Shazam's all time daily record in the UK after receiving 41,000 tags in one 24 hour period last summer.

After extensive tours of the UK in 2019, making his debut at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball and Top Of The Pops' Christmas Day & New Year specials alongside massive names, he has this year supported Sigala and Jax Jones at their headline tours. You can read our Q&A with Joel here:

Please introduce yourself and tell us something interesting about you!

"My name is Joel Corry and I am a DJ and producer from North London. My first proper job after University was a TV production internship at MTV UK."

Where are you from?

"I am from Barnet, North London, and have lived here my whole life."

When did you start making music?

"My first taste of production was at college where I studied music technology. I learnt how to produce on a cracked version of Logic, and producing became a big hobby of mine. When I first started making music it was mainly Hip Hop beats, before I turned my head to Dance


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

"One of my biggest inspirations is Calvin Harris. He’s the most consistent hit maker in my generation. He has crossed over genres in his production, and continues to raise the bar in quality and creativity. He plays around the world on the biggest stages at the biggest festivals, and has a residency in Las Vegas. He has stayed credible throughout his career, and is respected by every DJ and producer in the industry. Calvin Harris is the blueprint for me."

Who is your biggest guilty pleasure, music wise?

"Peter Andre. He is a legend, and Mysterious Girl is an absolute banger, haha!"

Have you got a hidden talent or a party trick?

"It’s not really a hidden talent because there are topless pictures of me all over the internet lol, but I am really into my fitness and bodybuilding. I used to take fitness very seriously. I competed in multiple men’s fitness competitions, winning various titles, as well as my WBFF Pro Fitness card. I still like to go the gym every day and stay healthy, however my attention is now 100% on my music and DJing."

What is your favourite prized possession?

"That has to be my platinum plaque for my single ‘Sorry’. I have it hanging up on my wall. It was my first single that went platinum, which was a huge achievement for me. Receiving that signified many years of hard work, determination and a dream come true."

Zante, Magaluf or Ibiza?

"Ibiza is my favourite place in the world and nothing compares to it. I have had residencies in Zante and Magaluf for years, and those resorts have played a vital role in building my name as a DJ. I have the best memories from long summers in Ibiza, Zante & Magaluf. I’m looking forward to doing it all again in 2020!"

What’s your go-to takeaway or delivery for long studio days?

"Definitely pizza. Extra-large, pepperoni, extra cheese, stuffed crust. With sides of course, I’ve got to have the garlic bread, and then some sweets and chocolates to munch on after."

If ‘Lonely’ was a cocktail, which ingredients would you put in it?

"Tequila because it’s got a strong punch, and something with strawberry in it because of Harlee’s sweet vocals."

How would you describe your perfect night out?

"I’m going to sound really boring now but my perfect night out, would be a night in. I spend so much time in clubs already, I love to just chill out. My ideal night would be on my sofa watching Netflix, with loads of food. A big take away, sweets, chocolate and ice cream would be ideal."


Joel's newest release 'Lonely' is out now.


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