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Get To Know | Kaatii

14 year old singer / songwriter Kaatii has immersed us in a mesmerising 'Dreamland' with her new single; her most intimate effort yet.


Kaatii only began releasing music this past year, but has quickly amassed almost 100K Spotify streams on each of her previous singles and is rapidly growing a fanbase of supporters, becoming more and more comfortable expressing vulnerability within her music. The new track’s verbed electric guitars and raw intensity are reminiscent of her heroes Beabadoobee and Oscar Lang.

She says,

“This song represents my growth as an’s a lot more raw and emotional. Out of all my music, this one feels the most like a personal diary entry.”


We had a chat with Kaatii on the new release and more as part of our Get to Know series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"Hi! My name is Kaatii, but my real name is Anna. Kaatii is the Hungarian nickname for my middle name Katherine (my Grandmother is a Hungarian immigrant) and I go by that artistically. I am 14 years old and am a singer songwriter and guitarist. I love to travel and go to concerts, but both those things have changed a lot in the last year due to covid. I really love cats and have 2 at home, I love the color green and am honestly a homebody at heart." Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about that place?

"I’m born and raised in Dallas, Texas, USA. Dallas is a cool city and has a vibrant music and arts scene mainly in the downtown and Deep Ellum area of the city. I love the unique and quirky music venues, restaurants and even thrift shops and the overall “vibe” of that area. I also love that Dallas is right in the middle of the US and it’s easy to fly West to LA or East to NYC, or even Europe from where I am located!" When did you start making music?

"When I was 6, we went on a trip to Louisiana and a family friend had an acoustic guitar. I had never seen one before and was mesmerized watching her play and pretending I was playing along. It was amazing and is still a very vivid memory of mine. I got my first guitar a week later for my 7th birthday. My first gig was at a local coffee house in Dallas shortly after I turned 10, and my first original song was written at 11." How would you sum up your sound in the form of a hashtag? "#AmericanWhoWishesTheyWereBritish" Who would be your dream artist to collab with?

"It would be a dream to collaborate with either Beabadoobee or Chloe Moriondo- I honestly can’t choose what would be cooler." What’s been your stand out moment so far?

"Honestly, I think my stand out moment in my career so far has been adapting to the massive shift that covid brought and succeeding in releasing 2 singles created fully in quarantine. Learning the technology needed to work remotely is something that will be super useful for me in the future, and I'm very proud of myself and my team for making all of that happen." You’ve just released your new single ‘Dreamland.' Tell us a little about it! Is there a specific story behind the lyrics?

"Yes! 'Dreamland' just dropped March 5th and I co-wrote it with Kara Connolly while we were in Colorado on a writing trip last year. It’s about a crush who repeatedly showed up in my dreams for a period of time during quarantine. It felt a bit confusing at the time because someone I barely knew was showing up in my thoughts more often than necessary. It’s about liking someone enough where it seemed a little bit like an obsession. Writing the song was kind of an attempt to pick this recurring dream and my feelings apart and I was wondering whether she felt the same way too. The funny thing is, once I wrote 'Dreamland' and got it all out into a song, the dream stopped happening." Do you have a favourite line from the track?

“I feel like when the sun’s out you don’t even see me” Finally, what’s coming next for you in 2021?

"I am so excited to finally be heading back to LA in mid-March to write more with Kara Connolly! I am planning on recording more songs after school is out that will finish up my EP. I still need to decide if I am releasing another single first, but I will for sure have an EP on the way later this Summer!"

'Dreamland' is out now.

Listen HERE


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