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Get To Know | LittGloss

We spoke to new Copenhagen based dance producer duo LittGloss. The guys have contributed to writing platinum selling records over the past few years with a combined amount of 75 million streams on Spotify alone.


They are now releasing their own music with their debut single 'LA Traffic' which was released this month through Universal - a feel good track with piano driven organic house production which has truly set the tone for the project.

Introduce yourselves and tell us an interesting fact about you guys!

"Hey! We are LittGloss and we are a Danish DJ and producer duo from Copenhagen consisting of Mathias Holsaae and Kristoffer Fuglsang. An interesting fact about us is that the first dance record we ever made was 'I Could Get Used To This' with Martin Jensen."

Where are you from?

"I (Kristoffer) am originally from Hobro and I (Mathias) from Næstved, two small Danish cities that you’ve probably never heard of.  We currently live in Copenhagen and have been living in the city for a while now."

Why the name LittGloss?

"Honestly, coming up with a good name is really hard, but if you think about it, every single artist has a weird name until they produce a hit. We brainstormed for hours trying to find a “good” name for our project. At one point we tried to combine our names... which didn't work. Eventually we tried out a rapname generator that gave us the name LitGloss. I (Mathias) opened an Instagram account for our project and accidentally spelled our name wrong by adding an extra “t”; LittGloss. We decided to keep the double t’s."

Where / how did you guys meet each other?

"We met at a Danish music festival called “Spot Festival”.  Kristoffer was there with some of my old friends from the industry. I (Mathias) remember we spent ages talking about how to compress the drum bus and EQ on an M1 Piano. After that, I (Mathias) got signed into Kristoffer's management and we have been working together ever since."

Can you describe your sound in a sentence?

"Funky Disco House with a lot of real instruments."

What’s your go to takeaway / delivery meal?

"In the studio we don't usually order a lot of takeaway to be honest. But when we do order, we always go for ramen!"

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

"I (Kristoffer) would probably work as a Journalist or Photographer. Mathias would probably be working with some sort of management or work at a record label. Maybe we would sign up for Masterchef because we are both amazing cooks."

Who’s your biggest musical guilty pleasure?

"LANY. We love them. If you think about it, Kristoffer actually looks a lot like Paul Klein!"


What song would you use to describe your lives?

"Under Nineteen - Go Tomorrow. A K-pop song Mathias wrote a couple of months ago."

What’s your dream venue to play at?

"Tomorrowland or Coachella!"

The tracks you’ve worked on have 75 million + streams on Spotify. What’s been your favourite to work on that isn’t your original song? 

"That would be “'I Could Get Used To This' by Martin Jensen."

Your debut ‘L.A. Traffic’ was released recently - why did you decide on this song to release first? 

"Because it captures our sound and vision. Our goal is to write really good songs. We wanted to release a song that was energetic and danceable even on an acoustic guitar."

What was the inspiration behind this song?

"The inspiration came from a note document with different topics that our good friend and songwriter Oscar had on his iPhone, among these topics was 'L.A. Traffic'. 'L.A. Traffic' is basically about that slow-motion-kind-of-feeling that sometimes occurs when you meet the right person on the dancefloor."

What can we expect from you guys for the rest of this year and going into 2021?

"The plan for this coming year is to focus mainly on singles. We are going to release a lot of music for you guys this year!"


Listen to Litgloss' debut single 'L.A. Traffic' HERE


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