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Get To Know | Lydia Ford

Summer has come early as Lydia Ford returns with her brand new alt-pop single 'Feel It For You', continuing her stellar list of releases.


Sleek production alongside anthemic choruses are nothing new for the Irish artist as the track builds further on her reputation for infectious pop gems. 'Feel It For You' combines Lydia's glossy, synth sound with bitingly honest lyrics of self-reflection. Her deeply personal words are at the forefront of her music throughout, and the emotional realisation is amplified further still with the chorus’ intricate layering.

Lydia has received national airplay in Ireland and performed at prestigious events such as Other Voices, but this enigmatic artist also has some serious international reach. There has been support from major US sites such as Uproxx and Billboard, UK airplay on BBC radio, and additions to global Spotify playlists including New Music Friday and Fresh Finds: Pop.


We had the opportunity to speak with Lydia as part of out Get to Know series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you! "I’m Lydia Ford, I’m a pop artist originally from Ireland and based in Berlin. I make sad songs disguised as happy ones." Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about the place?

"I’m from the west of Ireland which is a quieter and more rural part of the country. In my biased opinion, it’s also the most beautiful part because we’re right on the Atlantic coast. My favourite thing about home is the pace of life there. It’s much slower and always feels like a full-body reset whenever I make a visit." Who are your biggest inspirations, musically? "I love Julia Michaels and hope a bit of her influence shines through in my melodies and lyrical style. Production-wise I’ve been really into Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler lately but my OG biggest inspirations are Avril Lavigne and Paramore. I grew up on those two!" How would you describe your sound in the form of a hashtag? "#sadbop" Who would be your dream collaboration? "Probably Taylor Swift, I would love to watch/listen/learn her songwriting process. She’s prolific!"

What’s been your stand out moment so far? "The first time I heard myself on national radio was a huge standout moment in my life but it’s (luckily) become a regular thing now!"

You recently released your new single ‘Feel It For You’! How has the reaction been so far? "Incredible! It’s become my fastest streamed song ever and I got lots of love from Ireland, the UK, the US, Switzerland and Germany. It’s already opened doors for some cool new opportunities and made me excited to release more music soon."

Tell us a little about it! '"Feel It for You' was written last year with songwriter/producer Ben Matravers. I flew to his home studio in Leeds for the weekend after he had heard another track of mine and we’d connected via email. It was such a fun song to write, we were bouncing off the walls at the end of the day! It sat in a folder on my laptop for a long time because I loved the song but wasn’t sure what the production needed to be. I brought in my longtime producer Julian (aka Polar) in December 2020 to bring it to life and he nailed it! I recorded my vocals here in Berlin and Julian worked with me remotely from his studio in Koblenz, Germany. "

What is the story behind the lyrics? "It’s an upbeat, guitar-based track about a “situationship" where I was constantly trying to prove my worth and to turn it into a real relationship but, ultimately, I couldn’t make that person feel the things I did."

What can we expect from you for the rest of this year? "Lots more music! By summer I will have an EP out and by fall I have another batch of chiller, more intimate songs I’m excited to share. Hopefully shows will return soon and I’ll be back on stage too."

'Feel It For You' is out now. Listen HERE @lydfordy


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