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Introducing | Madaid

Rising DJ, producer and songwriter Madaid will release his debut EP 'so hard to pretend' on August 7th, featuring his debut single 'You' featuring Jo, Kishawn & Dewakie.


Inuka Fonseka (aka Madaid) is an electronic DJ and a record producer known for his dance-oriented sound. Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2000, he became interested in electronic music as a young teenager and started producing in his bedroom studio teaching himself by watching online tutorials. After producing songs for artists anonymously he began crafting his music under the project Madaid.

With his debut Ep, Madaid tries to express his feelings towards how hard sometimes it can get pretending to be okay when you’re not.


We had a chat with Madaid on his debut single, the upcoming EP and more...

Hey Madaid! Welcome to The Lowdown! How are you?

"Hi, I’m doing good. Trying to stay safe and indoors, working on some new music."

Where are you from?

"I grew up in a town outside of Colombo, Sri Lanka called Panadura."

When did you start making music?

"I started playing the keyboard in our church when I’m like six years old so I mostly grew up with catholic music background. Later I started playing keys in a bunch of different bands but I didn’t felt like I belonged to them. Later I was introduced to electronic music production by my friend Cozzy whom I ended up collaborating on a song in my upcoming EP ‘so hard to pretend’."

Can you sum up your sound in a sentence?

"Well, I like to tell stories through my songs sometimes true on stuff that happened to me or my friends or on made-up situations in my mind. I don’t like to box myself to a specific sound but I would always stick to the roots of Electronic Music. Summed up - My music is about stories."

Are there any artists who have influenced your sound or inspire you?

"My influences are pretty varied. I try to listen to a different type of music. But indie pop and electronic music have impacted the music that I write slightly."

What would be your dream place or festival to play?

"I do have a certain vision for my live sets, even if it is a DJ set I want the crowd to feel something organic and spontaneous. One of my craziest goals has always been to perform at Ultra music festival. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll have done that, but that’s a big dream."

Your debut single was released on July 24th! Tell us a little about it!

"The song didn’t take much time to create. I sent a demo I made for ‘You’ to Kishawn & Jo whom I collaborated with the melody and lyrics. Later we decided that it would be cool to have a female vocalist on our track. So we send a demo to Dewakie and she killed it. I’m fortunate to work with such amazing people and if not for teamwork I don’t think this song wouldn’t be what it is."

Your EP will be released on August 7th, why have you decided to release an EP straight away when just launching the Madaid project? Have you had these tracks ready and waiting to be released for a while?

"I thought as an artist that I could express my creative potential much more through an Ep than a single as the first stepping stone when launching the Madaid project. I did write some songs and kept for some time and I've been holding on to these songs for a while now, so it feels good to finally share them."

And finally, what are your plans for after the EP release?

"Well, currently working on my next creation which is going to sound a bit different and focused on new music experiments."


Listen to 'You' HERE Instagram: @madaidmusic


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