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Get To Know | Mollie Minott

Mollie Minott is back and hungrier than ever, working hard with her new sound, she described as 'modern soul' with early references to the 1960s soul.


Mollie Minott won the Swedes hearts in 2014 when she was one of the finalist's in Swedish Idol under the name Mollie Lindén.

Her new single 'Queen' is the followup to the single 'Sisters' where she found her new sound.

'Queen' is about finding your confidence. Your inner "Queen". Instead of feeling the need to play a role, it is better to just let go and be yourself fully.

She says,

"Queen is the only one of my songs that has emerged by playing it live for many years. Therefore, it means to me that it will finally be available on a recorded version!"


We had a chat with Mollie on the new release and more...

Where are you from? "I was born in Norrköping/Sweden and I moved to a small village called Mörtfors outside of Oskarshamn when I was five years old."

How long have you been making music?

"I wrote my first song when I was 9 and have been writing ever since." Who or what is your biggest motivation? "My absolute favorite band is The Jonas Brothers. I saw them in a music video when I was 8 and I immediately wanted to do the same thing which was singing and playing the guitar at the same time. They inspire me every day and remind me that music should only be fun and not a competition." Have you had a specific career highlight that will stay stuck in your head forever? "I will never forget singing at The Ericsson Globe Arena! I made it to the finals in Swedish Idol and the audience got to pick a song for me, so they chose 'Purple Rain' by Prince. It was magic seeing all those phones light up the arena while I was singing!" How would you sum up your sound in a sentence? "A mix of old R&B/soul music and modern soul/pop with catchy melodies." What would be your dream place to play? "In bigger arenas like Wembley would be so so awesome!" You’ve just released your new track ‘Queen’. Tell us a little about the track! "Queen is my absolute favorite song! My band and I have been playing it live for so many years and it has taken me some time to make a recorded version that sounds live and modern at the same time. It’s about finding my inner confidence, My inner 'Queen'" You’d describe your ‘new sound’ as modern soul. Is there anyone who heavily influences you musically? "Nina Simone, Chaka Kahn, India Arie, Angie Stone and Lauryn Hill are just a few of my female inspirations right now. I didn’t grow up listening to soul music so I have a lot to catch up!! ;)" What are your plans going forward, for the rest of this year and into 2021? "I will continue writing songs Throughout 2020. Queen is just the beginning of the Journey I have started with my new record label Ninetone Group. The goal is to create a debut album and to go on tour as soon as it’s possible again."


Listen to 'Queen' HERE Instagram: @molliesofficial


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