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We had the chance to speak with Essex born singer / songwriter Ralfy on his most recent release and more as part of our Get to Know series...


Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"I’m Ralfy, I was born in Harlow, Essex and grew up in a small town in Hertfordshire called Bishops Stortford. I played open mic nights and performed covers/ original songs around London in my early teens and I moved to Newcastle to study Pop & Contemporary Music at the age of 18. Then I moved to London to follow my song writing ventures, writing with loads of different producers and songwriters, building a catalogue of songs. I’ve recently moved to Hartlepool after spending a few years in Folkestone and I’m excited to release some of the songs I’ve worked on! My sound is inspired by life experiences and emotions I felt when I was a teenager. People I’ve met along my journey in life have definitely impacted my sound and the way I see the world."

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, how would you sum it up in a sentence?

"My music is chaotic and a cluster bomb of emotions, guitar tones and electronic samples. I spend hours on the lyrical content, making sure I’m happy with each word."

Who are your biggest inspirations, musically?

"Lily Allen inspires me a lot because of her lyrical content and the way she delivers vocals! It would be a dream to work with her one day!"

You recently released your new single ‘Pizza’! How has the reaction been so far?

"‘Pizza’ got picked up by Casey Dale and Dominic King @ BBC Radio Kent, they gave the song its first airplay a few days before the actual release date. We had a live interview and it was amazing to speak live on air and to have a little ralfy party! The song then went on to get played by Abbie McCarthy at BBC Introducing! I’m blown away by the reaction and can’t wait to see what the rest of the songs for this project do! "

Tell us a little about it!

"The song is inspired by a time where I ordered Pizza for a date for two and the other person didn’t show up! I wrote the song in Twickenham with my friend Luke Simpkins and then took it too my producer Jackson Dimiglio-Woods where we worked on finalising the lyrics and putting all the musical elements together. We wanted it to sound loud and chaotic with loads of electric guitar, synthesisers and electronic samples being triggered to cause this sound of excitement! It took us around a year to complete and be happy with it but I’m so glad we spent that time on it!"

Do you have a favourite part or lyric from the track?

"My favourite lyric is the dominos reference where I say “thought it was our Tuesday, got two for tues anyway”…"

What’s coming next for you?

"My next song ‘Trust’ is coming out on the 4th March 2022!"

'Pizza' is out now. Listen HERE @sideshowralfy


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