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Get to Know | REECE

Virginia born singer/songwriter REECE is the latest to be featured in our Get to Know series.


His soaring 2016 single ‘Don’t Go’ received praise from industry tastemakers such as FADER, Complex, and Billboard, and his mind-blowing debut EP ‘I’m Not Sure Yet’ saw the artist hone his angelic lo-fi sound, and knock out falsetto vocals, into something truly special.

He has just released the contemplative ‘BACK FOR ME’ which is further proof that he is not slowing down.


Join us, as we jump into the artist’s mind...

Why did you want to become a singer?

"I became a singer because I feel like it’s the one thing in the world I’m truly passionate about. Music and singing has been my love since I can remember."

Who, or what, got you into music?

"I got into music because in 2011-2012 there was an influx of really good music that came out, like Channel orange by Frank Ocean, Born To Die by Lana Del Rey and 21 by Adele and those projects made me long for situations I hadn’t felt yet, so I wanted to try my hand and see if I could make others feel that same way."

Do you take influence from music of the past? Or music of the present?

"Most of my influence is from what is current, that being said my biggest influence as an artist was Imogen Heap. Her project 'Speak For Yourself' came out in 2005 when I was around 9, and she really influenced the way I made music in the sense that she gave love and attention to every single note, and I try to emulate that within my music as well."

If you were recommending your music to someone, how would you describe it?

"I would describe my music as alternative pop, with a sprinkle of R&B for good measure."

In your opinion, what is the best hook that you have written so far?

"Probably 'Beam', I think it’s the bounciest and most fun hook I’ve written."

Who do you think are some of the most exciting newcomers right now?

"Bree Runway is top tier. Her project has been the most exciting to me recently."

Chocolate covered pizzas. Yes, or no?

"I need more context, is it with marinara sauce? Or is it like a dessert pizza? Either way… no!"

Five years from now, what will people’s reactions be like when they hear the name REECE?

"In 5 years I’ll be working on my 2nd or 3rd full length project and I want people’s reactions to be “Everyone’s faves better release their project now because when this new REECE drops, it’s a wrap.”"


Listen to 'BACK FOR ME' HERE Instagram: @reecemusic


Twitter: @ross_alister

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