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Get To Know | Sam and Sounds

Starting out as a busker to now being a recording indie pop artist, Sam and Sounds has now released a string of singles which have amassed over 700,000 Spotify streams in just 6 months.


We thought it would be a great time to chat for our Get To Know series...

Hey Sam! Welcome to The Lowdown! How are you doing?

"Hey, thanks for having me! I’m doing great even though Boris is about to announce another lockdown hahah!"

Tell us a fun fact about you!

"Maybe too much info but I’ve got 4 nipples..."

Where are you from?

"I’m from just South of London in England!"

Why did you decide on the name Sam and Sounds?

"Aha, this is a funny one actually. It came after like 6 attempts of trying to find a new musical Instagram username. I wanted it to be like @sammakesmusic or something, but obviously that was taken, so after a few tries I ended up with @sam_and_sounds. Then a while later a friend told me that I have to keep the name because they thought it was so good, so I kept it!"

How would you sum your sound up in 3 words?

"'This is fire.’"

Have you had a stand out moment so far?

"Not really to be honest... I’ve not done any live shows or anything as I launched my career in the first lockdown. Having fans message me every day to tell me how much they love my music is stand out to me."

Do you have any major inspirations that inspire the indie pop sound?

"Two Door Cinema Club is my biggest, probably followed my The 1975!"

Starting off as a busker (and still busking now) - what do you love most about it and do you think it’s helped in any way?

"I love the fact that I can just rock up and play... it makes me happy, and from what I’ve seen it makes other people happy (mostly). On top of that, I get lots of practice and I make money from it! It’s allowed me to do music full time even before I was making any money from my music."

You’ve most recently released your single ‘Mamma Mia Girl’. Is there a story behind the track or anything that inspired it?

"Yeah, it’s mainly just a happy way of telling the story of my girlfriend. Kind of putting her whole persona into lyrics. She’s obsessed with Mamma Mia!!"

How has the reaction been so far?

"Pretty good!! People seem to be enjoying it!! I think it’s slightly different from my others so maybe it was a bit of a shock for the people listening to it but overall, I think it’s gone well!"

Finally, what can we expect from you next?

"I’ve just announced the fact that I’m dropping a tune on the 12th of November... this ones actually a cover! It’s a Sam and Sounds version of About You Now by the Sugababes!!!"


Listen to 'Mamma Mia Girl' HERE Instagram: @sam_and_sounds


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