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Get To Know | Sam MacPherson

Sam MacPherson has released his first track of 2021. Entitled 'Routine', the single is the first of the tracks that will make up Sam's debut EP, due for release later this year.


Both raw and emotional, the indie-tinged bedroom pop track is about realising the true depth of a love, only after you’ve already taken it for granted. Vocals were recorded in just 20 minutes in the Red Bank, New Jersey house that Sam grew up in, concludes with the final guitar solo which was recorded the night the song was written and was produced by Andy Seltzer.


We had a chat with Sam on the release as part of our Get To Know series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you! "Hey! My name is Sam MacPherson and I am a 23 year old singer, songwriter, and musician." Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about the place? "I'm from Red Bank, New Jersey which is a beautiful small town by the beach. My family still lives there, so really going home and seeing them is what makes that place feel special."

Who are your biggest inspirations, musically? "Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, John Mayer." What is your earliest musical memory? "My earliest musical memory is probably me sitting down and messing around on the baby grand piano my parents have had in the house since I was born." How would you describe your sound in the form of a hashtag? "#honest" Who would be your dream collaboration? "Dream collaboration at the moment would be Lennon Stella. I think we'd write a great song."

What's been your favourite memory so far? "My favourite musical memory is of my brother, my dad, and I playing a song at a benefit concert together. It was the first time we ever performed together all at once and my mom was in the audience for it. A really special moment for sure." You’ve just released your new track ‘Routine’! Tell us a little about it! "I wrote Routine in about 20 minutes last April the day before my birthday. I recorded the main vocal and the little guitar solo you hear at the end around that time too. Andy Seltzer who is a close friend and endlessly talented producer brought it to life with the production you hear."

Is there a story behind the lyrics? "I think when the assumption is that love is going to be there tomorrow when you wake up, you might feel less inclined to really take a moment to appreciate it today. The song tells a story that tries and hopefully succeeds in mirroring that dangerous type of comfortability." What’s your favourite lyric from the track? "I always thought you and me would never actually grow up, We'd talk in little kid voices like we're still treehouse young" What are your plans for 2021?

"I plan on releasing my debut EP this year and hopefully, fingers crossed, getting on tour in some capacity in the fall if it's deemed safe to do so!"

'Routine' is out now.

Listen HERE


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