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Get To Know | Shae Brock

Pop newcomer Shae Brock flirts with the nostalgic Golden Age of Hollywood with the

release of her dreamy new debut EP ‘Dreamers Club’.


Photo Credit: Chase Leonard

The 8-track project carries themes of romance, rose-colored memories, and wanderlust. She brings to life glamorous elements from classic cinema to the raw and more vulnerable 1970’s singer/songwriter era. Each song off the EP seems to live in it’s own world- from NYC to Malibu, Hollywood, San Francisco, and Paris.

‘Dreamers Club’ captures a wide array of influences; the song 'DNA' even being inspired by Shae

recently meeting her long-lost biological sister.

“‘Dreamers Club’ is like being at a great festival. It's an oasis to dance, dream, feel alive, be who you want to be,”

After working in the mainstream urban-pop world, releasing singles with renowned artists like Gucci Mane and Kodie Shane, Brock was compelled to create a new sound more authentic to her heart.

She continues to grow into an incredible dream rock/pop artist with ranging vocal tones and a lyricism that's often compared to Lana Del Rey, Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks.


We got to know Shae a little better, as well as had a chat on the new release!

Hey! Welcome to The Lowdown. Introduce yourself to our readers!

"Hi and thanks for having me. I’m Shae." When did you know you wanted a career in music?

"I’ve always gravitated towards music. I’m the only one in my family that is in music but growing up they played a lot of old records and from there I discovered the magic and joy that music carries." What’s been your personal highlight so far?

"For a while it was collaborating on a song with Gucci Mane and that's still a major highlight for me, but currently it's writing/co-producing/and independently releasing my new EP Dreamers Club. I went indie after working in mainstream pop and decided to take the lead in how I wanted to share myself creatively. I made everything from wardrobe/photo shoot concepts to the graphics and videos." How would you sum up your world in one word?

"Eclectic." Your sound is quite nostalgic and you have a really unique vocal, which is really refreshing. Is there anyone that really inspires the sound?

"Thank you. I adore classics- Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Presley, Prince, Pat Benatar." You’ve worked with the likes of Gucci Mane and Kodie Shane. Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists and have you learnt anything specific from anyone you worked with in the past?

"Yes it’s exciting to work with new people and discover the chemistry between you two as artists. I love co writing with good friends- I find that leads to amazing things." You’ve just released your new EP ‘Dreamers Club’. How has the reaction been so far?

"Dreamy. Im just grateful that something thats inspired and made me feel so much joy for a while is now out there to be shared with other people who can hopefully experience that also through it." Tell us a little about the EP!

"It started in SF when I was working on new music. Dreamers Club came to be in a dream like way actually- I sang the entire song into the mic a cappella. Underwater and Fools were also written in SF, and then back in LA I really solidified my direction when I wrote Hollywood Mansion on my guitar then DNA with a friend." And finally, what are your plans going forward? Are you looking forward to some time off or are you straight back into creating more music? "During quarantine I've been face time writing with my good friends and it's some of my favorite work ever so I'm excited to share this next."


Listen to 'Dreamers Club' HERE

Instagram: @shaebrockmusic


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