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Get To Know | Steve Major

Steve Major has released his new track 'Cause I', inspired by a relationship that Steve was in for several years that ended after infidelity.


The story details Steve Major's confrontation as he re-lives the painful moment of realisation. The song follows relatable themes of letting go told via addictive pop stylings similar to that of Avicii and other famed producers.

Tackling tough subject matter in an upbeat pop song, 'Cause I' has powerful vocals needed to carry such a catchy melody with ease. A summer sized anthem in the making.


We got to know Steve a little better and had a chat about the new release as well as plans for the future!...

Hey Steve! Welcome to The Lowdown! How are you doing? "Thanks very much for having me. I’m doing well. Like many, trying my best to continue creating and work through these unprecedented times." Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you! "My name is Steve Major and I was born in Canada. I am a dual citizen to both Canada and Hungary. I love long long walks on the beach and romantic candle light dinners by the sea side…. lol….just kidding. Well, I do actually love those things, but if I were to quickly sum up the must knows about me, I think I would want people to know that I’m crazy in love with my art. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world extensively over the past 5 years and do my thing. I’m inspired by people who have struggled to obtain their dreams. I’m someone who is a firm believer in equality. I love meeting people from all corners of the world and having the opportunity to understand our differences. I’m in my happy place onstage singing for people." When did you start your music career? "My mother has videos of me running around the house when I was four. Struggling to hold on to her guitar, I’d be obnoxiously strumming the strings while belting out 'Do, Re Mi' from The Sound of Music, which was my favourite childhood movie. I could sing a mean Julie Andrews by heart. I think my mom knew I was heading someway into the arts. At 10, she signed me up for a performing troupe called the Strolling Youth Players (Canadian Mickey Mouse Club- ish). I learned the basics and gained the confidence to go on stage in front of people. Coincidentally, by 11, I was on a professional stage in my first pro theatre gig playing Kurt in The Sound Of Music." What would be your dream venue to play? "There really are several. It’s hard to narrow it down but If I can give three : Air Canada Centre (Toronto), Madison Square Garden (NYC), The 02 arena (UK)." Have you had a stand out moment in your career so far?

"I think hearing your song for the first time on commercial radio is a overwhelming and scary experience all wrapped into one. I was 21 when one of my song came on the radio for the first time. I picked up the phone and spent the entire time calling people just to tell them to turn on the radio and tune in. It was exciting because it’s something that you work so hard to get. When you finally get it, it gives you such and incredible confidence boost and affirms the you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. It's scary as well because you pray people will like it, and want to support or follow your musical journey which in turn enables you to keep doing what you love."  How would you sum up your sound in one sentence?

"I’m a pop rock music theatre guy. Vocally : A touch of Bon Jovi, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, and Michael Jackson all wrapped into one." You’ve just released your new track ‘Cause I’. Tell us a bit about it!  "'Cause I' tells a tale of heartbreak. Exploring the feelings and emotions that someone may go through at the end of a relationship. This track covers the topics of self-doubt, uncertainty as well as the what if's that plague the mind. Helping shine a light on the thoughts around never truly knowing if walking away and letting go is the right decision." Are there any artists who’ve had an influence on your sound? "Definitely! I love all the classic rock bands like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and ACDC. One of my favourite bands of all time is Linkin Park. The combination of pure rock, computer elements, with a touch or rap and Chesters gritty and heartfelt vocal is my jam. I could rock out to them all day! I also have to mention peeps like Timberlake, Micheal Jackson, Usher, and even way back to Savage Garden as some serious influencers to my music." 

There’s an accompanying video to the track. How was the filming for that? "Such an incredible day! The pure talent in Ukraine (where we filmed), blows my mind. The Ukrainian people are so dedicated to their craft. From the film crew, our director Gleb Feldman, Our DOP Anton Popov, and Producer Maksym Chudakovski, they worked so hard to achieve the look that I wanted for this video. The dancers and our choreographer are true professionals. Our Stylist Anton Chehov nailed the look from start to finish. Our scene in the desert almost didn’t happen due to massive thunderstorm that hit as we driving to the location. Through the magic of our visual effects team, you would never know that it was actually raining and we were knee deep in mud trying to film this scene." And finally, what are your plans for the near future? "Actively finishing a few more tracks to release in the coming months. I would love to get onto a tour as an opener for someone like Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Avril, Lights, or anyone really that would have me. I do feel next year for me will be more touring and live performance as soon as venues are allowed to host concerts again."


Listen to 'Cause I' HERE Instagram: @stevemajorofficial


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