Get To Know | Sun Spot

Bristol based, alt-electro-pop duo Sun Spot have released their first single 'Clipping 02', from their upcoming 'Clipping' EP, due out September 3rd via Rosecoloured Records.

Sun Spot have made a name for themselves embracing a strange juxtaposition of ethereal pop hooks spliced with layers of coarse lo-fi grit. The pair’s understanding of pop music is rooted in experimentation - drawing from new wave, bedroom pop, trip-hop and electronica. Sun Spot’s minimalist approach to the genre is saturated with bombastic, sampled drums, waves of synthesised ambience and interjections of distorted, glitched out melody harking back to the titans of early 2000’s sample culture.

Having released ‘Johari Window/Lovesong’ on Rosecoloured Records in late 2020, the duo now look ahead to their sophomore release with the south coast label.