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Get To Know | Wallows

Wallows are an American rock band based in LA consisting of Braeden Lamasters, Cole Preston and Dylan Minnette.


After spending their teen years honing their song craft and sharpening their live set, the trio independently released four singles in 2017. The trio drew a buzz with 'Pleaser', an urgently catchy track that shot to number 2 on Spotify's Global Viral 50 chart amassing over 33 million streams. They were soon signed to Atlantic Records in 2018.

Last year marked the release of their debut album 'Nothing Happens' and they are now getting ready for headline shows and many festival appearances this summer! We spoke to the band about how they got started, their album, influences and what they're up to at the minute!

Please introduce yourselves to our readers! How did you all meet each other?

"We’re Wallows! We met at this music program for kids in LA called Join The Band when we were 12/13."

When did you decide to start making music as a band?

"We were already kind of making music individually before we met, but shortly after our time at Join The Band, we decided to make our own band and make our own music."

How did you decide on the name "Wallows"?

"Braeden was sitting in an organic sweat shack and thought of it. It’s also a playable level in Tony Hawk’s Underground that’s based on a place in Hawaii."

Who's the one artist on your playlists that no one would expect you to listen to?

"Sugar Ray. Poppy. Ski Mask The Slump God. We listen to a lot of music. WHO CARES!


You can read our extended interview and feature with Wallows in Issue One of The Lowdown Magazine, grab a copy online HERE.


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