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Michigan rapper happytree leaps across genres on his new single, 'Don’t Fight It'. Co-produced with sought-after creative Jack Laboz, the single comes alongside a kaleidoscopic music video with psychedelic flourishes underlying its upbeat summer groove. With equally sunny audio and visuals, it only makes sense that happytree seeks to materialize pure creation and positivity on 'Don’t Fight It'.

Delivering sweet and soulful vocals mixed with thoughtful bars, happytree’s talent has immediately captured the attention of hip-hop enthusiasts across the country. Debut EP ‘In Due Time’ is a case in point: a critically-acclaimed record that has since amassed more than 7.5 million combined Spotify streams and featured viral hit single ‘S.O.S.’ Similarly lauded follow-up EPs came in the form of ‘CANVAS’ and ‘Gravitropism’, before happytree decided to drop his hotly-anticipated debut album, 'THRUTHEFOREST'. Citing the LP as one of his biggest achievements to date, he wrote, produced, recorded and mastered the whole thing himself - cementing his status as a talented, self-sustainable young artist determined to forge his own path. happytree is positioned for a breakout 2022 and beyond.

We got to know him a little better...


Is there a story or meaning behind your artist name? "The name is a goal if I had to explain it. Growth and happiness, two of the most important things to me in this life. I made the name "happytree" to remind myself what I'm working towards."

Based in Michigan, how, if in any way, have your surroundings inspired the sound?

"Growing up in Michigan taught me to be resilient. The Detroit music scene is very tight and you either have to conform or fully stand out to make noise here in my opinion. Even though I grew up here, my music is not popular here. I'm not bitter about it or anything, I just think it's something to strive for. To gain the respect of Detroit, takes a lot of heart and dedication."

How would you sum up your music in a sentence? "A sonic representation of my soul. My music is myself expressed through a comprehensible medium."

Is there anyone that inspires you musically? "Honestly I've been listening to a lot of oldies lately. Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Willie Hutch, etc. Today's music rarely inspires me. Going back into the past and learning to appreciate the contrast between today and music back then is inspiring to me. As far as rappers, I'm inspired by Andre 3000, Childish Gambino, Tyler, Mac Miller, Smino, etc. The artists who broke away from the norm and carved their own lanes respectively."

Who would be your dream artist to work / collaborate with? "I can't say that I really have one to be honest. If I had to pick, I'd love to work with Pharrell or maybe Kaytranada. I think I would learn a lot from just being in the same room as them."

You've just released your new single 'Don't Fight It' - how has the reaction been so far?

"People love it so far. Which is really surprising honestly. This would be my first track in the house genre and I was nervous on how people would receive it. After release, friends and family reassured me that I'm on the right path with this one."

Tell us a little about it!

"The whole process was organic. I produced the beat while writing the lyrics so the track basically laid itself out. I normally want my songs to inspire people. That inspiration mixed with just wanting to make people dance bred this track. Once I sent it over to Jack Laboz, he put his magic touch on it and it was complete."

A video dropped alongside the single - were there any ideas or inspirations behind that? "The idea follows the theme of the song. Not fighting the urge to be more than you are. Starting in an office and slowly devolving into just vibing in the moment. The video represents what I'm trying to do, breaking away from the normal life to reach freedom."

Is there anything else that we should keep an eye out for in the near future?

"Definitely have more in the works. You will see me soon !"

'Don't Fight It' is out now. Listen HERE @hvppytree


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