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Brighton artist Kideko has teamed up with fellow Brightoners' Kudu Blue for new single 'Ready For My Love'.

Punctuated by euphoric piano chords, seductive vocals and a deep, brooding bassline, ‘Ready For My Love’ is a floorfiller that’s been crafted with summer in mind. It follows Kideko’s recent single with Saffron Stone, ‘The Music’ that charted #4 on Top 100 Beatport and #2 on the House chart. Brighton-born DJ and producer Kideko burst onto the scene in 2015 with his smash hit ‘The Jam’ and has since released music on some of the biggest labels in the underground, including Toolroom, Fatboy Slim’s Skint Records, Positiva and Ministry of Sound. Alongside pushing his own label Make Em Move that is rising as an essential underground record label, Kideko continues to solidify his presence within UK dance music.


We had the chance to Get to Know him a little better as we talk the new single, his label and what's coming next...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"Yoyo! My name is Kideko but my mum called me Ryan so you can choose whichever. I’m a producer/DJ from Brighton so I spend a lot of time inside making weird noises."

When did you start making music?

"I started making music in school playing drums in various bands but then got into making music on computers, I loved the idea that I could write melodies and chords which I wasn’t able to do whilst playing the drums."

Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about it? Do you feel as though your surroundings have inspired you in any way?

"I’m from Brighton which is has a really eclectic music scene, whether you’re into drum and bass or rock you’ll be able to find something for you in Brighton. I love that and definitely feel that’s had an influence on my musical taste and how I make music, I love trying to take inspiration from different genres."

Who are the biggest inspirations for your own sound?

"I’d say a lot of my biggest inspirations for music have come from people like Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, Armand Van Helden. I love the energy in their music and how they merge elements from different genres into dance music."

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

"There’s a long list of dream artists I’d love to work with, I think it’d be interesting to do a house track with someone like Timbaland or Dre. You might notice I never stop banging on about these two but Basement Jaxx and Fatboy Slim would be sick!"

What would be your dream venue to play?

"Dream venue for me is a tricky one because I love playing smaller, dark rooms with low ceilings where your super close to the crowd but I also love playing day parties outside in the sun so there’s a big contrast but I’m up for playing anywhere there’s a good sound system, good vibes and good G&Ts."

You have your own label ‘Make Em Move’! Can we expect any exciting releases to come soon?

"I’ve wanted to start a label for a while so I’m super excited to have recently launched Make 'Em Move with releases from Chaney, Josh Hunter, Elliot Fitch, Havoc & Lawn. We’ve just put out a banger from Mac & Ward that sounds a bit different to the other stuff on the label but that’s what I love about it, just being able to put out music from producers I’m really in to."

You’ve just released your brand new single ‘Ready For My Love’ with Kudu Blue! How did the collaboration come about and how was working with the group on the track?

"The track came about when Clementine from Kudu Blue sent over a bunch of vocals, initially it was just the chorus part and I loved it straight away. I built a track around it and suggest some verses and another vocal section to Clementine and she smashed it!"

Tell us a little about it!

"When I heard the vocal I could instantly hear how I thought the track should sound, I wanted it to be an emotive dance banger. I think the vocal naturally lends itself to having a darker edge which is cool, I pitched down the vocals slightly to try and give it a bit of a sampled feel."

What have you got planned for the rest of 2021 so far?

"So I’ve just released 'Ready For My Love' which I’m super excited about, I’ve got some festivals/shows booked in which I’m buzzing to get back into doing. There will also be some Make ‘Em Move parties before the end of the year!"

'Ready For My Love' is out now. Listen HERE @kidekomusic


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