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Gillian Heidi x Michael Christmas | wonderin'

Boston-native, rising pop singer / songwriter Gillian Heidi has released her single 'wonderin'' ft. Michael Christmas.


Kicking off with a dark electro-pop sound, 'wonderin' is both stylish and surprising. With relatable lyrics that tackle relationship insecurity, Gillian's vocal is both skilful and dreamy, with clever and intricate melodies used throughout the track. Michael Christmas’ playful rap verse adds an exciting and unexpected element to the track. It's different, but works perfectly.

Inspired by the local music scene in her hometown, Gillian Heidi tapped fellow Bostonian Michael Christmas for this single. She says,

”I’ve actually been a fan of Michael for a while, I absolutely love his style and how creative it is.”

The sixteen year old Boston native demonstrates a musicality wise beyond her years with powerful lyricism, rich vocals and relatable songs that are never predictable. She chronicles life’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and trials and tribulations with thoughtful clarity, poetic eloquence, and a stirring soulful voice.

The past year has been monumental year for Gillian Heidi who is showing no signs of slowing down. With her debut album, '3AM', on the horizon, she is quickly emerging as a pop newcomer to watch out for.

'wonderin' is out now.


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