GION | Ruin It For The Next One

Italian-Canadian singer / songwriter GION has released his stunning new track 'Ruin It For The Next One', marking the end to a three part trilogy of EP's that were written about a singular relationship.

A gorgeous guitar infused pop diamond, 'Ruin It For The Next One' is both catchy and relatable, with singalong lyrics which reflect on growth and moving forward, bringing the story to a close with honesty and personal vulnerability. The striking track features crisp and passionate vocals and an infectious hook with melodic instrumentation. There's an element of captivating R&B, tinged with soft electro-pop production, indulging the listener from the first note and making sure that GION stands out from the rest.

He says,

“It’s this intentional promise to one’s self, that no matter how hurt or badly your previous experience and relationship might have been, you won’t allow wounds of the past to compromise a hope for a future.”

Reflecting on a six year long relationship, his first and second EP's have been cathartic explorations of coping with love and heartbreak with t