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After returning these last few months to deliver their highly-praised offerings ‘worth it’ and ‘you don’t think about me’, US indie bedroom-pop artist girlhouse (aka Lauren Luiz) now releases her eagerly-awaited new collection ‘the fourth ep’, showcased by the release’s anthemic opener ‘gen x boyfriend!!’.


While her earliest material honed in on a more reclusive artist at the helm, girlhouse has been blooming with a fresh and euphoric confidence these last few years, culminating in ‘the fourth ep’, her most explosive EP to date. Bringing in a harder and more raucous energy this time around, while still honouring her more lovelorn origins, her newest collection sees her break out of her timid shell to deliver a blistering array of cacophonous gems throughout.

‘The fourth ep’ is highlighted by the new lead single ‘gen x boyfriend!!’, a frenzied cut that squeezes a flurry of shredded guitars and pounding drums into its 1:44m runtime. Marking her loudest effort to date, girlhouse is certainly looking to turn some heads throughout this raw and driven five-track outing.

Speaking about ‘gen x boyfriend!!’, she said,

"This song was super fun to write! Our friend Jon Bryant was in town working with Tyler on some music for his own project and we happened to find some time to write together and I'm so shocked this was the song that came out of us as a team! Jon’s music is so ethereal and gorgeous and I think it’s hilarious we made our most high energy girlhouse song with him. Basically we wanted to tell the story of someone who is in the very beginning ‘they can do no wrong’ phase of a relationship, where all the red flags are ignored and all the abuse is somehow super endearing and “real”. I used to be super into older guys when I was in my early 20’s and they were all obsessed with moulding me into the perfect partner and making me believe my friends were holding me back, it’s always about control. This one in particular dumped me for a girl that was two years younger than me. Now, I'm not saying all partners with massive age gaps are like this but this was my experience. I was kicked out of my home and my heart was completely obliterated. Most abusive relationships start off with a ton of love bombs that keep you working towards the connection that was in the beginning. He made me feel so important and magical when we first started dating and I was addicted to getting back to a place that wasn’t real to begin with. The song is the survivalist dissociating and feeling like they’ve finally found ‘the one’."

girlhouse has released three exceptional and critically acclaimed EPs – her debut ‘the girlhouse ep’ and the aptly titled follow up’s ‘the second ep’ and ‘the third ep’ which spawned the singles 'cool guy', 'paul blart mall cop', 'concussion', 'pretty girl in LA', 'the fatalist', 'knuckle tattoo' and many more and has amassed over 15 Million streams. She’s toured with Sabrina Carpenter, The Wrecks, and more, as well as opened for Halsey last summer.

girlhouse is a tastemaker favourite, having featured on Billboard’s 10 Cool New Pop Songs, as well as multiple news outlets and landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday US, All New Indie and Today’s Indie Rock, and Apple Music’s New In Rock playlists to name a few, as well as hitting the #1 spot on HYPE MACHINE multiple times.

Inspired heavily by the works of fellow female singer-songwriters such as Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, and Lucy Dacus and now living in Nashville, her personal life still continues to inspire and influence her music, offering us all a window into her soul and creating a bright and sweeping world for us all to enjoy.

'the fourth ep' is out now. Listen HERE @girlhouseonline


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