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Glass Towers | I Will Come Back For You

Australian indie-rock outfit Glass Towers has returned with new track 'I Will Come Back For You' which marks the bands eagerly anticipated return after 7 years.


The track is percussion soaked and features fast drum beats, glittering electronics and a modern indie pop, upbeat vibe. It's busy, yet super easy to listen to, and overall a brilliant release which picks up where the band left off.

Taking their established sound of soaring guitar lines and pounding drums and sprinkling in a fresh electronic element which compliments the rock vibe to make a totally new and euphonious sound.

Produced by singer Benjamin Hannam in Sydney the track was then taken stateside and mixed by Grammy Award winning Engineer, Fernando Lodeiro.

Speaking on the creative process behind the track, Hannam says,

“I wanted to retain the core sound that we had established with ‘Halcyon Days’ but push it forwards into new territory with fresh elements that we didn’t utilise on the last album, such as Drum Machines and Synths. I’m also approaching the recording process completely differently this time around. The vocals and guitars are completed in one take which imparts little imperfections but I’m really loving the character and grittier overall sound that the new tracks are taking on.”

After a 'mental burn out' from touring schedules and feeling creatively directionless, the band completed a final tour of North America in 2014, before parting ways and going on hiatus.

“We signed to a record label while we were still in high school and then started touring almost non-stop both in Australia and overseas from when we left school in 2010 till 2014. By the end of 2014 I was completely burnt out, and in hindsight looking back, my mental health was not in great shape at all. I had reached a stage where it had become a chore to even pick up a guitar just to play for fun let alone go on an international tour. I knew I needed to address my mental health first and foremost before I returned to making music.”

“I always knew I was going to release music again as “Glass Towers”, the timing has just never felt right until now. I’ve rekindled my love, I feel the same way I felt back when the band first started and it’s really exciting and exhilarating to be in that headspace again”.

'I Will Come Back For You' was the first taste of the bands' upcoming EP, set for release later this year. New single 'Nobody Walks In LA' is also out now.


Listen to 'I Will Come Back For You' HERE Instagram: @glasstowers


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