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GLMR | Waves

24 year old Canadian artist GLMR has released his new single 'Waves'.


'Waves' is an intoxicating and indulgent track, vocally and lyrically pleasing and effortlessly good. With a smooth and rich tone, GLMR's electro-pop production is captivating, catchy and melodic. Overall an extremely well rounded track that you want to listen to over and over.

"A classic situation involving a heavily invested loverboy (me), falling for a flaky inconsistent gal. Fully knowing she's not 100% committed, I write about leaving it all to living in the moment, and just riding her wave of what she wants. Realising that losing her isn’t an option I've given myself, ill just bite my lip and (from the main hook in the song) "Ride your wave”."

'Waves' is out now.


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