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GOLD ST MKT | Fashion

GOLD ST MKT have released their new LP 'The Work Awaits You Always', which features 'Fashion' which was the second single to be released.


An electro-pop-rock tune, with dreamy, old-school pop melodies and shimmering synths, 'Fashion' is a musically effective track which is clever and skilful, giving off funky 80's vibes, both satisfying and indulgent. It's upbeat in all the right places, with unique sounds, even sax being used in the instrumental, reminiscent of the likes of The 1975.

The track dives into the experience of living in a major city in the US throughout 2020, dealing with coronavirus lockdowns, unemployment, police brutality, and mass protests, all being eclipsed by the faux, performative action of those not directly touched by these issues.

"The song is part call-to-action, part protest song, and all retro dance vibes. We're stoked to get this out in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election as it directly hits on the issues on all of our minds through music that feels relevant yet cutting when you look a little deeper."

'The Work Awaits You Always' is out now.


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