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Indie-rock trio Goldpark - the project of Nashville based musicians Wes, Andrew and Kyle - are back with their new single, 'Covered in Sunshine'.


Goldpark hone in on their arena ready rock-sound with 'Covered in Sunshine'. Swelling with bright guitar, groove-infused bass and driving drums, the song builds towards an irrepressible chorus destined to be sung by future crowds: “Covered in sunshine / Part of life / Covered in sunshine / Today don’t feel so heavy.”

Wes expands on the simple yet powerful meaning of the song:

“’Covered in Sunshine’ is about the power of stepping outside. All of these problems, anxieties, and fears that have come from a reliance on technology feel a little less heavy when we step into the sunlight. That’s where we realize where ‘real life’ actually lives. Being a ‘part of life’ isn’t being fully connected at all times with the world around us through a viewfinder. It’s being a part of the outside world we forget about so often.

'Covered in Sunshine' s the second track to be released from Goldpark’s forthcoming sophomore EP. For the members of Goldpark, the best music comes from true collaboration. The warmth and strength of their bond, as both friends and musical partners, ripples through each song they create and every show they perform.

The band first connected in 2019 when Andrew moved from Memphis to Nashville, meeting Wes through a work colleague. The pair was immediately struck by their similar musical sensibilities, and they began filling in for each other at various gigs around town. Kyle soon joined the mix, and by early 2020 Goldpark had started working on their first EP.

'Covered in Sunshine' is out now. Listen HERE @goldparkband


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