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Nashville-based indie rock trio Goldpark return with their new single, 'Lady Lightyear' via Hazel Street Records.


'Lady Lightyear' is the first single to be released from Goldpark's sophomore EP, 'Goldpark Two', due for release late this year. The new track, produced by Jeremy Lutito, is an upbeat and instantly catchy listen which lyrically tells the story of an intergalactic love affair— a man falls in love with a woman unbound by time and space and has an experience so spectacular that he feels like he may never love again.

The band elaborate on the new song:

"Love is the closest thing that we have to magic. It’s the only thing that drives us to cross countries, oceans, or even galaxies. There are traces of love in every truly great thing that we can see, hear or touch. All great art comes from some form of love. It doesn’t all look the same though. Sometimes it’s the fear of love. Or maybe the feeling of being broken over love. But it’s all love. Lady Lightyear is a song for all of the Milky Way and beyond to enjoy together. Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars. Leave the door open for love somewhere in the stars."

Formed in 2019, Goldpark is the project of Wes, Andrew and Kyle. For the members of Goldpark, the best music comes from true collaboration. The strength of their bond, as both friends and musical partners, shines through each and every Goldpark song. Already making their mark as one of the buzziest acts in Nashville’s growing alternative scene, the trio are now taking their live show across the country with a mix of solo shows, opening gigs and festival slots.

'Lady Lightyear' is out now. Listen HERE @goldparkband


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