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GOWNS | Castles

Minneapolis 4-piece indie-rock band GOWNS have released their single 'Castles', a song about a child's perception of how the world is and how it could be.


With banging drum beats, textured guitar riffs and a strong vocal, 'Castles' is a classic indie rock song reminiscent of the 2000's greats, yet flavoured with some electro-pop production. It's fresh, fluid and super catchy with a energetic chorus. Best listened to LOUD.

Since forming in 2018, the band have spent most of their time exploring the music scene in their home town and finding their sound, releasing their debut EP 'The Hollows' earlier this year. With this new offering, the band are proving to be on a definite upward trajectory.

'Castles' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE


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