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greisun | Purgatory

‘Sad-pop’ newcomer gresiun has shared her new single ‘Purgatory’ which is accompanied by an intriguing animated visual.


The track is a narrative about a stale relationship which Greisun had found herself in and the new lease of life that has grabbed hold of her now that it has ended.  Greisun’s vocal performance is certainly the centrepiece of ‘Purgatory’ and is complemented by subdued and delicate beats. 

The visual was created by Whitney Otte and is the perfect accompaniment to the story being told.

The artist is becoming a serious force having racked up 600,000 streams across two of her singles as well as seeing 1 million YouTube views on her collaboration with Highland: not bad if you ask us, and all the more reason why you should be checking out this newcomer.


Listen to 'Purgatory' HERE Instagram: @iamgreisun

WRITTEN BY ALISTER ROSS Twitter: @ross_alister


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