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hü x Sofia Camille | talk to you

hü and Sofia Camille have released their long-awaited collaboration, 'talk to you', after hoping to write together for several years.


The duo have created a fantastic indie / alt-pop sound which transforms life into a movie. The cinematic masterpiece evokes nostalgia and a longing, strong desire to hold onto good times and is filled to the brim with soaring synths, reverbs and a deceptively feel-good sound that inspires a spontaneous road trip or reckless behavior, they bring together two sides of a troubled relationship fueled by denial and an attraction that just “won’t go away.” The question is, are they really trying to bring the relationship to an end, or looking for any excuse to keep it going just a bit longer?

After meeting back in 2018, while hü was touring as the former keys player for Quinn XCII, the pair quickly became friends after a show and stayed connected over social media. When the pandemic locked us away for summer, Sofia spent her newly found free time to create. Starting with lyrics “I just want to talk to you,” Sofia then reached out to hü, expressing her vision for an indie, pop-rock style song showing the push and pull dynamic of a former relationship of hers.

Sofia sat down with her guitar, writing the first verse and chorus, transforming the above line into “I just need an excuse to try to talk to you; don’t usually drink but I drank the whole bottle, I can’t recall when I got to the bottom.” hü expanded on this with the next verse and the bridge, merging Sofia’s initial perspective with the other side of the relationship, bringing the song to life.

'talk to you' started with Sofia's perspective in a relationship in which the other person was only ever calling her whilst intoxicated. hü brought in the perspective of this ex, someone who knows they aren’t being a great partner, and also feels like they aren’t being seen, but they simultaneously keep up a strong emotional wall. For the two of them, this song represents the difficulty of recognizing that moment when the relationship has hit rock bottom, when they’re looking for excuses just to talk to each other, as well as the temptation to just stay busy, so they don’t “wonder if you miss me.” It’s the dizzying emotions of wondering why someone won’t leave you alone, but deep down just wanting them to stay.

'talk to you' is out now.


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