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Haley Gold | Montana

New York based artist Haley Gold has shared her new single 'Montana'.


Bursting with a commercial but country vibe, 'Montana' is set to an infectious acoustic instrumental with a candy-sweet vocal. With raw and honest lyrics that speak from the heart, Haley tells a story that will resonate with listeners. Her voice is compelling and wholesome, inviting you in to listen over and over.

"Here's the tea: I've never been in a relationship before. They've always fallen apart for me but, this one in particular didn't. It's not your true "happily ever after" where we both ride off into the sunset together but, I did become a happier version of myself...with someone else.."

Haley Gold is a 22 year old girl from a small town in NYC, growing up through high school and college with experiences and memories to share with her ever growing number of fans. Formerly part of a girl group, Haley is now releasing her own pop tracks.

'Montana' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @haleygoldd


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