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Halle Abadi | Summersong

Emerging artist Halle Abadi has released her chilled dance-pop anthem 'Summersong'.


Halle has the most smooth and commercially focused vocal and 'Summersong' has a lush soundscape which is simply melodic, yet lively and fresh. Building more of an invigorating and upbeat vibe throughout, the track is creative, with crisp production which is highly listenable.

The song was written and produced during the height of the pandemic, co-written by EVOLSI and topped off with production by C-Ray Roberts of OnKey.

Halle said on the track:

"This song is about having a relationship with summer and it happened almost spur of the moment. My producer sent this track to me and said there was a type of "summer vibe" to it. With COVID-19 taking over, we were talking about how we missed the things we would be doing right now...hanging with friends, laying out in the park or beach, etc. A lot of simple things we all do during summer that makes it so special. But, towards the end, we are always tired of the heat and ready to move on, yet every year, we fall right back in love with June, July, and August. It's a constant on and off relationship which is what sparked the concept for our top line. If summer were a person, this is why I love them."

A truly stand out release from this upcoming artist, we can't wait to see more from Halle in the not so distant future.


Listen to 'Summersong' HERE Instagram: @halleabadi


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